Monday, August 30, 2010

"Home Again"

Wow! While I would love to say that we just got back from Oregon
(because it is so beautiful there!), things have little behind :)
But, I can say we did have a nice time by the sea!

Things were a little hectic at times, with the kids getting used to
a new place, new sleeping arrangements, and so on. It didn't take long
for them to get used to the "green house" (as Addie called it), and for it
to seem like our little home in the two weeks we spent there. I love the
backyard, the fact that there is always a fresh sea-breeze invigorating
everything, and that it only takes a short 5-minute walk to get to the ocean!
It is a magical place, and I can understand why Nonni and Poppi love living
there. Thank you N & P for letting us stay at "Casita del Mar!"

There are two events that I want to share that have happened in the (long!) interim
since I've posted. One is that I was blessed to celebrate my fourth wedding anniversary.

(My lovely anniversary present--a Pyrrah necklace with a charm stamped from an 18th c. wax seal)

Four years is not long, and it's seemed to go by so quickly--but it's amazing what one can
(hopefully!) learn in that amount of time. I feel like I've learned a lot more about my life
in these past few years than I ever have. 

I think from the moment I met Nate, I've been learning. Learning about friendship, trust, 
and love. I have to admit, I never thought I'd meet my future husband online! But it was 
such a beautiful way to get to know a person, because essentially you are left to only one 
thing, and that is your words. The first time he ever wrote to me, I recognized something 
familiar in him...his words spoke to me, and his honest, reflective way of seeing things 
touched me. 

We quickly became friends, and bonded over so many things. I learned that no one
EVER in my whole life could make me laugh like he did.

We've lived some of the best and worst of our life experiences with each other, and of
course that is a connection that can never be undone. When we lost our first baby early in 
the pregnancy, a week before we were going to be married, he is the person 
that got me through. From the very beginning, he's been there for me 110%--even
when I was scared, pulled away, or pushed him away. He believed in everything when I
couldn't. The best things in my life today are because of Nate...and my heart will never, 
ever stop thanking him for that.

The second thing is that my little man Jakey turned two. So that means we currently
have two 2-year-olds and a 7-month-old (until Addie can close the small gap when she turns
3 on October 15th!)

As you can see, he was born a quite peaceful baby :)

From day one, he and his sister have been like two peas in a pod. For the most part ;)

We called him our "Buddha Baby"--always happy to just hang on and see what's coming
up next.

Of course, he's had his fair share of devilish/little monster moments, like anybody...

but boy do we love him.

Happy Birthday, beautiful boy.