Sunday, January 22, 2012

Flea Market finds: California Girl Edition

It's been so long since I've posted anything at all...
but of course I had to start with my most recent flea market finds! ;)

This vintage "exercise equipment" threw me
for a loop when I first saw it. 
Well, that's after I looked inside first to see what hand grips were.
(Seriously. Had no clue.)

It's so perfectly "retro" looking, I sort of wasn't sure
wether it was truly old, or a modern jokey gag-gift type of thing.

D'you know what I mean?

This skip rope section on the exercise poster 
that was included made me giggle.

The drawing of Mr. Studly skipping rope made me giggle.

Hand grips! ;)

Maybe this guy used a pair of those.

I really like this picture--
what a scene!

While still being kind of odd...and funny.

A great example of books I would never read,
but bought purely for the covers.
Pretty bad for a one-time English major.

Another find in the book category, 
this one a 1930's book of fairy tales.

Who doesn't love fairytales??
And the illustrations inside are truly gorgeous.

Please pardon slightly excessive photos below.

I always love children's items.
Vintage blankets, toys, clothes...
so much of it is just so charming.

I am beginning to show a bit of a weakness
for old tea set pieces.

Something that I like also are old school-related items--
flashcards, workbooks, that sort of thing.

I love this vintage shabby tray...

 ...and the price was great--$2!

Some Munising bowls, which I had actually never heard of...
but there was something really lovely about them.
I read that they stopped being made in 1955.

 These old doorknobs were too pretty,
and too inexpensive, to pass up.
Even with all the rust and paint on them.

I kind of like them that way :) 

 Case in point:
this very rusty old Ghiradelli chocolate tin.
It didn't deter me!

These shoes I found at the flea aren't old, but they do have 
a vintage flair.
They're my new favorite "dressy-therefore-I-won't-wear-them-much"
pair of shoes.

My other new favorite thing is finding things to 
paint and shabbify.

For example, this wooden notes & keys sign.

I loved the typography, 
but I didn't like the dark wood.
Since it was only a dollar, I figured a stab
at upcycling was worth a shot.

So I painted it white...
and pondered and pondered wether to place this 
metal adornment on...

before deciding I liked it without.

I am not being dramatic when I say my creative/crafty
skills are severely deficient in...talent.

But I liked how it turned out :)

Excluding the sign above, 
all of these vintage items were found in California,
while we were visiting for the holidays.

This is my very favorite find from that trip!

I collect vintage statuettes of the Virgin Mary,
as a nod to my Grandma Rosa, who I was extremely close 
to as a child.  She did the same thing.
Although I am not a traditionally religious person, I find
certain ones really lovely and even fascinating.

This wooden sculpture was originally a dark blonde wood.
I wasn't sure wether to paint it, 
because it had a very 50's/60's look to it,
if that makes any sense.

But being on a shabby-chippy streak lately, I had to try.

I didn't like it at first, not until I added this equally shabby tiara.
For some reason that seemed just the thing she needed.

 Now it is on my nightstand with all of my other statuettes.

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