Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We are so we leave for the beautiful place that inspired
this blog--Yachats, Oregon! We will get to spend a week (maybe more!)
near the sea, in the little house we once lived in. I was pregnant with Addie then,
and couldn't imagine what she would be like...and now, to have three...that's pretty
amazing to me. (Especially considering it was only 3 years ago, lol!)

Here are just a few of the things I look forward to doing up there:

  • Visit with Nonni & Poppi
  • See Liam's reaction to the beach 
  • build a sand castle
  • Eat at The Drift Inn (it's so cute!)
  • Look at the neat shops
  • Take the kids for an ice cream and to look at the sea lions on the bayfront
  • feel the cold morning ocean air on my face
  • hearing the waves
  • Eating clam chowder at Mo's
  • taking loads of pictures
  • just relaxing and enjoying my family :)

It'll be so fun!

I won't have any internet access up there, at least not with blogging capabilities, 
so I won't be posting for awhile. I'll miss it! But I look forward to sharing our trip 
when we return. I also plan to hold a giveaway with something I find up there, since 
there are so many cool things and shops in that area.

See you all soon!

☛☛And the winner is...☚☚

We have a winner from our first giveaway here at Small House by the Sea!

lucky #13: Karen!

Karen won a lovely Japanese Glass Float bracelet.
I loved making it, and look forward to offering lots more
giveaways in the future--including more items made by me! :)

♥♥Father's Day♥♥ (Part II)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day! We spent it with some of my family
at a beautiful spot we found recently near Sonora. It is right next to the river, and the
kids had a great time splashing around in the ice-cold water.The following pictures 
are actually of the first time we went there, because we were having too much fun to 
snap pics this time! Daddy didn't go that time, so he's not in these pics...of where we
went on Father's Day. Irony, anyone?
Even though it was colder this time, and the water had gone up greatly as well, 
I had to get in. I'm glad I did--floating on my back in the middle of the river, surrounded
 by shade (but with the sun gleaming through the trees), I felt so peaceful. It was heavenly.


I feel so lucky to live in an area where a short car trip yields such gorgeous scenery :)

The kids, of course, had a blast in the water...

What's a trip to the river without some rock throwing? Thanks to
Jakey, we'll never know the answer to such a fate.

Of course, Liam wasn't about to miss an opportunity to
sunbathe. He suns those chubby thighs any chance he gets.

My sis. Did I mention she is soooo much like Martha Stewart? She's SO good at
crafting, decorating, cooking, baking...very talented to say the least!

Every time I look at this pic, I think of a group of mermaids sunning themselves ;)

My beautiful mom.

I took this shot as my nephew, Kalyn, geared up to skip stones.
I loved that it looked like he was ready to go flying.

Miss Addie, my sweet little chica. 

There were so many things to do and see, to those kiddos. At one point, one of the
native inhabitants decided to pay us an up-close-and-personal visit.

Do you remember that from childhood....the wonder and awe over a ladybug,
and watching them trail all over you?

She (Miss Ladybug) was fascinated with my ring. So I decided just to let her inspect it a while.

Crazy huh?

It was so much fun. Next time it's a mommy/daddy only visit,
so we can both swim and veg as we please!