Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello! I always LOVE seeing what my fellow thrifters 
have been up to...I could (sadly) never tire
of seeing the cool things other people have picked up.
And it's fun to know sometimes what someone paid for it.
That's the thrill of the hunt, right? The BARGAINS!

So, this little post will be come in the form of The Vintage Receipt, 
where I share what I paid from a particular haul.

This all came from my absolute favorite thrift store in the area,
called Pick of the Litter. Not only are their prices always awesome, 
but the proceeds go to helping the local humane society.

Cheap-yo prices? Charitable? I couldn't be more smitten.

It's not the fanciest of places--no clean, plastic, name-emblazoned shopping bags
here, my friends. This is recycled-Thriftway-bags-with-iffy-handles territory.
But who cares! Let's see whats inside, shall we?

Some highlights:

If my kids had their own bathroom, this would so be going in it...

Vintage cards

Not super-interesting stuff, but integral as part of the collective haul...
a wooden candleholder, kitch utensils, and a rack to be spray-painted
and hold magazines...

Oh bowl, how I adore thee. If only I had one for every member of my brood.
Wouldn't breakfast be even more fun then.

A teeny souvenir plate to send to Honeybee...
(hope you like!)

a vintage handmade baby outfit!
Oh mushyness. I love love love vintage kids stuff!

The whale looks a little mad, but I'll take it.

And my favorite find from that trip:
an early 1940's restaurant menu.

The Riviera--Distinctively Continental. 

The type is so cool.

The damage:

Cheap, yo.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vintage. Meaning.

Hello friends!
I had a lot of fun sharing my freebie items last week,
but this time I thought I'd focus on things that are a little more meaningful.

I really do love so many types of vintage items--
the quirky, the elegant, the uncommon and the everyday. 
Yet I think my favorite things will always be those that have a personal touch--
a handmade item for example, or a photograph. 
A memento of something is lovely.
Something that shows a bit about the person who owned it or kept it
makes it just fascinating to me.
I feel like part historian and part story-writer as I imagine the past connected to it.

It's those type of items that I feel the most connection to, and like they
especially need to be brought home to be cared for by someone who could appreciate them.

This photo appealed to the mama in me:
the little girl reminded me a bit of my own daughter--

But I have to say, the adorable shirt the little boy is wearing
is what sealed the deal.

I bought this at the city wide yard sale I went to last weekend.
The elderly woman I bought it from said she used to embroider
 commissioned pieces for magazines, and this was one of those .

It's a necklace.
I'm not sure I would wear it myself, but I think it's pretty
and perhaps I can use it some other way.

This young lady appeared in one of my share photos from last week,
but I thought she deserved to be showcased a bit.
Something about her makes me think of a young Jacqueline Kennedy.

A greeting card may not seem super personal in some ways, 
given the pre-written message inside,
but I know that like me, many moms who receive a card 
from their child would read those words 
as if they were written just for us ;)

This card is so charming for many reasons, but it's also
rather large. I've never seen a vintage one this large before!

This embroidery piece appealed to me for many reasons.
Not only do I collect certain religious items,
but it was once a gift...

On the back is a note dedicating it to the makers grandmother,
and her initials and the year are embroidered at the very bottom on the front.

Now, this is my most favorite find of all lately!
It's a baby book from the 1920's.

Sadly, there are places where some of the photographs are missing--

But I think you'll agree that it is nonetheless absolutely lovely.

The front, plus a card I found inside.

Recordings of baby's weight.

I love reading about the gifts baby received!

I don't know if the photos are supposed to be this way--
but some are tinted yellow, some a girly pink.
It adds to their appeal to me.

A drawing of baby's hand!
How precious!

And a teeny, tiny snippet of silky hair.

So weathered and delicate.

This is a look my own kids give me a lot in photographs :)

Love the beach pics.
Taken at a beach here in Oregon.

I think this is the little girl whose book it was,
on the bottom.

Notice the look on the Mama's face, so cute :)

Another card that was found inside, and the end of the book.

So, what can possibly rival an adorable baby book?
How about "Fluffy" sitting in the stroller?
(That is actually the dog's name, it was written on the back!)

Is it just me, or is that dog wearing baby clothes?