Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vintage Book Finds

This week was definitely all about books.
I guess it helped that there was a big book sale in town :)
It was the annual library book sale, and they always have such great ones.
I wish I could've gone the second day, when it was fill-a-bag for $4.
There were scads of vintage ones that would've been great, especially children's titles.
Here is some of what I bought.

First, let me preface things by saying that I've always found books to be magical.
From a very young age, I took to them like a duck does to water ;)
So, maybe this will be a little boring for some--but from the words, to the art,
to just the feel of a vintage book, they are something I love and am inspired by.

I like vintage cookbooks, but what I really love are vintage baking books.
I feel like while I may not ever make a recipe from a vintage cookbook,
it's a little different with desserts.

I love the colors and "happiness" radiating from this Betty Crocker cookbook.

This book is called A Calendar of Dinners.
Subtitled "Including the Story of Crisco."
I don't know why I found that funny!
"The Story of Crisco? No Way!"

You can see how all the "lard" was crossed out in the recipes
on the cover to be replaced with Crisco.

The inside is pretty charming!
That Crisco, so darn charming.

(btw--who still thinks of "The Help" when they hear the word Crisco?)

 This 60's book caught my eye because it's about the Burma Shave signs,
but the dust jacket is pretty cute too.

I'm really loving vintage books about flowers from the 30's and 40's.
They have the most beautiful illustrations, and there's something just lovely about certain ones.

Poppies, my home-state flower :)

They look a little dark because of the filter I used on the photos--
in person they're much prettier!

Now for a few children's books:

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl.

A 1940's book of rhymes.

Very sweet and colorful illustrations inside...

...some being a little creepy, though.

Sadly, the cover illustration on this book was torn off...

But look how beautiful they are inside.

This one is called "So There,"
and is filled with sweet poems.

This bee illustration is one of my favorites.

a tummy
of honey!

Now do you see
why it seems to me
that being a bee is
being the best thing
there is to be?

Lastly is this book illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa,
whose drawings are so adorable.

Two quick non-book finds:
This cute tin, which now hold some vintage toys in my kiddos room--

...and this little embroidery kit.
I've never embroidered before!
But I find myself really loving it.
I can see why people fall in love with vintage craft kits!

Are books always on your radar?
Do you collect any certain kind of vintage books?

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Thrift finds: He has my heart.

I didn't have much to share last week, so I didn't post...
but I did find some "swell" things since then!
First I'll share two things that I didn't buy...

I thought this clock was pretty awesome.
I just liked it's vintage office/school room type of look.
Unfortunately, it had a huge crack near the bottom left.
Le sigh.

Then there was this old desk chair that I just loved.
I mean really loved.
Call me crazy but I thought it was pretty cute,
even with that green fabric.

Our house is so tiny though, 
it really can't even accommodate an extra chair, 
no matter how cool it is.
The chair was only $5, too.
Had the clock been ok, that would've been only $13 for both!
I think next time such an occasion arises,
I'll just have to find some room somewhere...


However, I did buy this
"important doo-doo" stamp.
So that's something.  ;)

A little vintage makeup bag.

Some very bright and cute plates.

This teeny little Pyrex dish.
A fun buy for only 1.99.

I just loved the kitschy goodness inside this booklet!

These are some of my favorites:

This Sweet 16 centerpiece...
although, can you imagine a 16-year-old using that now?
I don't think even a 12-year-old would want that.
How times change.

A cute Halloween cat...

...and my favorite for some reason,
the Bon Voyage centerpiece.

As is typical for me, some books.

This Junior Deluxe edition was only 49 cents.

This one I had to buy because I remembered it from childhood!
Did you ever read this book?

I read it to my kids and they seemed to like it.

I liked the design on this old book.

It's filled with the usual things that draw me in, 
like creepy pictures and other things.

Can Aging be retarded?
I'd argue that yes, it can be ;P

This was sad.
The difference between two twins due to nutrition.
I wonder why one twin wasn't as well taken care of?
Where they separated, or what were the circumstances?

This is one of the cutest baby pictures I've found in awhile!

That baby is so adorable,
as is the stuffed kitty.

These vintage overalls are so cute!
Love the loopy swirl pockets.

And my very favorite find of the week,
these 1970's Wizard of Oz craft kits.

I have the lion...

and scarecrow too.
But no Dorothy or Toto.
That's the only bummer.

The kits are unopened.
I'm debating wether to sell them,
or pay to have someone make them.
'Cause this girl can't sew.

I suppose you can guess who my favorite is.

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