Sunday, March 17, 2013

The one video you've GOT to see.

The one video you've GOT to see. from Marty woodruff on Vimeo.

Just kidding!
I'm being a dork, sorry.
But I DID find this video pretty cute...and funny.

My youngest, Liam (3), was walking around with my phone recording--
unbeknownst to me.
Often I'll look at my picture roll and see photos from the games
my daughter plays, things like Elmo's Monster Maker.
(Yeah, it's really fun to find 100 photos of Elmo on your phone lemmetellyou.)
That, or outtakes from their stabs at being cameramen. 
I've never seen one this long though, so out of curiosity I had to take a look...

Those crazy (rotten) boys.

If you make it through, Bravo.

Here's a transcript for your reading enjoyment.

(p.s. no cats were harmed in the making of this film.
Just horribly and mercifully irritated.)

Liam is walking around with the video going

Liam: garble garble garble, sounds like "ok then." (Heck, I still don't always know what he says.)
Jake: Now close the door. We are going to stop this naughty cat. (His authority frightens me a little.)
Door slams, sealing cat's fate.
Cat: purr, purrrr-purrrrr, happy cat noises. (Little does she know what awaits her.)
Liam: ????? suggestions anyone?
Jake: Now where should we put her? I know, we can put her inside there. So lets-- Liam I want you to help me put her in. So-so-so---so be with--come on Liam, let's go--let's do something. COME ON LIAM...
Liam: Uhhhh (definitely not the first or last time he will blindly submit to his brother's whims)
Jake: Get in there. Get IN there.
Cat: mroowrrr, rowwww growmrrrr!!! @$%#&*$&
Increased hissing as Jake apparently tries to put her inside the open space in the bedside table.
Jake: Help me Liam!
Cat: mrroww, meearrowrr, how dare you, you little punk ace kids!
Sounds of a tussle as Liam squeals with glee.
Liam: Ahaha, Stupid!
Jake: Let's get...where's Buttercup? (Their stick horse.) We don't see Buttercup. We don't see Buttercup-pppph
Liam: (pitiful coughing sounds) It's toys.
Jake: Let me try, Liam. I will give it back if you give it to me. Smile!!!
Liam: Smile. 
Jake: Oh-wee-Oh, wee-ohh. Pulling monkey faces, gnashing teeth.
Liam: I'm going to get all the crackers in there...

Aren't they angels?


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Kid's got great teeth....haha! :)

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