Saturday, July 28, 2012

More Homestate Finds!

Only a few days left here in California...
we've had such fun visiting with my family,
and the thrifting and flea market treasures have been plentiful.
Once I'm home, it'll be fun sharing more of the things I've found
with you, as well as my favorite find from this trip!

Here is a few more things I've found here and there...

A sunny yellow Pyrex dish and lid.
To be honest, I'm not sure what a greatars price for Pyrex is, really...
this was five dollars, which I thought was fair.

This beautiful framed embroidered piece was so cheap at only a dollar.
I could see it in an antique store for much more.
I'm baffled sometimes by what gets priced high and what low at thrifts...
not that I'm complaining in this regard!

Cute little vintage sign for my kitchen.

This is a really cute book called "Apron on, Apron off."
I though my daughter would like it, too--she's at the perfect
aprons/tea parties/baking cookies age.

A stuffed kangaroo mommy and joey,
also falling into the "daughter would love this" category.

This is one of my really favorite finds down here--
such adorable fabrics and it was only $3!

Mugs like this are simply too cute to pass up.

3 must be my lucky number, because that's how much
this lovely madonna figurine was, too...I love it.

On the bottom is scratched "Hattie '54."
I love that personal touch, and it's cool knowing when it's from.

Thanks for taking a look!
Stop by Her Library Adventures for more fun!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cute Vintage, Atrocious Post

Hi! So, I've been out of the loop for awhile as we vacation in California...and you know I've been seeking out and buying vintage! We're staying at my moms, and I've been decorating a little corner with the things I've been buying. Nothing fancy, but it makes me happy. Things like my first paint-by-numbers EVER, teeny .50c squirrel pillows (serious), and even a fixer-upper mid-century desk (c'mon, we all know I'm a lil crazy).

Unfortunately, the only way I know of to post images via the blogger app is to have them come out in one big purge. But that's ok. Hopefully you'll still like me, and I can scratch that vintage blog post itch that I have...right...there.


*Also? It appears not only are the pics lumped together, they are done so out of order. OH THANKS BLOGGER APP. Brilliant.