Saturday, December 11, 2010

Past Picture Perfect

I've been taking more pictures of my "old junk" lately, the type to be used for my Etsy shop...if I ever get the time to create it! In the meantime, it's still fun to (buy and) photograph it, even if for now, both item and picture will be stored away for "someday."

Thursday, December 2, 2010

ladies and ladies

What I love about blogs, like many people, are the friends you meet and get to know through reading them. I think it's fun when someone shares a little peek into their life by telling the story behind something. The other day I stopped by my friend Laura's blog (called Rhinestone Armadillo--stop by, it's fab!) and mentioned my recent flea market score, a lady head, I thought I would share some pictures of my bedroom, where the vase resides, and some projects I'm working on.

Our walls aren't really this blue, they just look so because of the effect I used on the makes me wish they were, though.

It's amazing and kind of funny to me how many of my things are flea market finds. The floral picture in the whitewashed frame, far left, is actually a beautiful needlepoint piece I found. Underneath it is my old kitchen stool, found there too. The mirror with the cute raised dot frame is from the flea, as is the tiny picture right above it.

Ha ha...can you guess what we were watching by looking at the reflection?

Did anyone recognize Lightning McQueen?'s Cars! You can pin that one on Mr. Jakey.

I love the lavender sign. I won it in a blog giveaway. Rather than use a
jewelry box, I hang my necklaces on an iron hook decoration I like, made
to look like birds sitting in a row.

Here's a closer look at the vase, which cost me $'s unmarked, but I never care about stuff like
that anyway. I thought she was pretty and would look very smart on my dresser.

Also on the dresser is one of my most favorite things, which is the The Arc de Triomphe cookie jar my sister gave me. I store things inside of it (not cookies, even though I totally should), and also use the top as a little knick knack center.

Perfumes, a little fairy figurine for Addie, a picture of Jacob, a lock of Liam's hair, and in the largest photo--Mae. A dear, sweet woman I knew and loved.

I LOVE playing with Picasa, can you tell? ;)

My first Lefton find...this little strawberry basket. It's very cute, but it looks a little odd in this pic!
Something about the strawberries.

I didn't realize until now that I bought two lady vases that day...$1 for this one.

One thing I've had my eye open for at the flea lately is vintage purses. This is one I found
and have been waiting for the time to fancy up a little.

You can't tell by these pictures, but it is small and the leather has a cool slightly worn look to it. There's something sweet about it and it's one thin little handle.

These are some of the things I'm contemplating using on it...

My favorite amongst them is the old Audubon society pin.

This is a another small bag I'm working on...not ideas for it yet, though, except
maybe putting this owl brooch on it.

Whooo knows how the bags will turn out? Ok, seriously. Did you think I wouldn't? It was too perfect.

Thanks for stopping by! ;)

p.s....and why am I still having spacing problems with my posts? Oh blogger...I love you and yet I hate you at the same time.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Holidays

...this is as good as it gets (meaning photographs):

Not one, but TWO yawning Liams...

A befuddled Liam...

...and the obligatory "baby's first Thanksgiving dinner" shot. I should've got
one of him holding a huge drumstick.

Addie and Jake were off and running once we got there, and
with a crowd the size of our family get-togethers, it is quite easy
for them to slip around and hide behind various family members.
Even at their young age, they know what they can get away with

Little stinkers.

I figure we have a short while where I can take as many pics
as I want of our littlest guy, and then he'll be off and running, too. 

Oh well!

He'll be one January 11th, so I've got total first-birthday-party-planning
on the brain. It'll be our last one-year-old birthday to celebrate, as he's
our last baby--so I kinda want to go a lil over the top!! I wanted a fun &
somewhat different theme so I'm going with...

It just makes me think of my lil guy, growing and changing so much his first year.

There are so many great birthday ideas out there, so there's no way I can come across all of them! if you have or come across any that fit into my theme, PLEASE let me know! Thanks!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

May all friends near and far have a beautiful day!

Lots of love from my family to yours!


Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hello :) Here are two photographs of a tree taken during a particularly lovely moment while on one of our country drives, which we take almost daily now. 

I love a country drive--it never fails to remind me how beautiful the world is.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Is it over?

Yes, it's really over.

Goodbye Halloween!

Due to outside forces (sounds mysterious, huh?), I was unable to spend it with my lil monsters.

But, I know they had TONS of fun, because Addie told me all about it. She had a huge smile on her face and went right to bed, but wouldn't go to sleep without her bag of candy! Can you believe that! Daddy let her. It wasn't me

It cracks me up to look at the pictures of Addie with her best friends, Jaeda and Gisselle. You don't think her delight is apparent, do you?

 My exceedingly fuzzy little mouse...

 and all three kids with my cute cousin Boo.

Hope your Halloween was fab!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hi all! I've decided to declare this a...

Thanks to my extremely sweet hubby, I was able to go thrifting AND flea-ing the past two days! Yes, it is sad that such a thing makes me so gleeful. But there's nothing that makes me happier than digging through all that secondhand stuff and finding new crap to bring home, shine up, and ♥. 

You aren't going to deny our hostess the opportunity to show off some of her wares, are you? And by hostess, I of course do not mean myself, but the charming and very wise gal above. (Just don't mention to her that's she's just an old Avon lotion jar, ok?)

Here she is showcasing our first item up for, looking at.

Am I the only person who would buy this? Apparently City of Paris, whose logo can be seen on the bottom of this journal, used to be a big department store in San Francisco. As soon as I saw it had been written in, I had to buy else would I read all the entries?  ;)

Whoever wrote in it had the most gorgeous penmanship--it is so hard to read though! I found it funny and a little sad that she says she "feel(s) like a heel" and "lower than a worm."

Inside there were some old labels, the kind people used to paste onto their luggage. And a little note someone left on the back of a fifties-looking business card.

Then a page like this reminds me of what things people alive back then were experiencing...

"If you cannot find shelter in a building, lie down and protect the back of your head."

 Yeah, that'll do it.

This is a J & G Meakin pitcher, very cute for putting some country flowers in.

Or, even just one fake one will do nicely.

The following little plate is heavy, and the most beautiful color. 
Perfect as a change or jewelry catch-all, or for placing a candle on.

Here is another written-in book...but I think I may use the pages themselves somehow. I'll wait until after Halloween, since it is Rip Van Winkle.

I found the following item at the thrift store. I almost died right then and there...

Strawberry Shortcake? Must you pull on my childhood heart-strings? She really was one of my most favorite toys as a kid. So, I bought this cup for Addie to drink strawberry milk out of. And NOT for me. To drink coffee in. Or anything like that.

Did I ever mention I have a slight, growing obsession with tack pins? :) Ever since I bought some vintage ones a bit ago, I've kind of had an obsession with the little suckers. I just find them so charming and odd and nerdy and lovely all rolled into one. And they're cheap! :)

These I've had, and are some of my favorites...

...these are new. 

I never actually wear them, but instead prefer to cluster them together on a bag. 

Not a tack pin, but I like it for both its oddness and the design.

Finally, there is this old German book. (Okay, not really. I did buy more, but I'll stop here :)

Despite the misleading title (Die Madonna??? just kidding), this book is actually a lovely art history book  with neat drawings and pictures in it.

Yep, a book full of portraits of the Virgin Mary. I found it fascinating for several reasons.

For one, the pages were chock full of other pictures, stuck in there after being cut out from different sources--books, magazines. The only one I could find that had a date said 1919.

Did the previous owner do this because they were entranced by the art? Or were they just a very faithful, religious person who collected them and found them beautiful for those reasons?

The different portraits of Mary were SO interesting! Don't believe me? Here, I'll show you.

These were beautiful to me for the love they show between mother and child.

There were tired Mary's...

Mary's that looked like they were getting mommy/baby pics taken at the mall...

And even breastfeeding Mary's! I've NEVER seen that before.

I love how the Baby Jesus is too preoccupied to nurse in this illustration :) Very realistic in that regard.

And THIS Mary, the one you may have glimpsed from before?

She's eyeing her baby with the same suspicious gaze that I do mine oftentimes, wondering if a tantrum 
is around the corner. Meanwhile, the Baby Jesus just looks innocent as pie. Suuuuure.

In all seriousness, I loved looking at these drawings because they remind me that Mary was first and foremost a mother... just like me. 

Thanks for sticking around while I shared some of my stuff! I think I may make this a regular thing...Vintage Saturdays, with---! Hmmm. What should I name my owl?

Any suggestions?

p.s. Yes, I can declare a vintage Saturday even when this post is going up at 11:22 p.m. I'm allowed.  ;)