Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Holidays

...this is as good as it gets (meaning photographs):

Not one, but TWO yawning Liams...

A befuddled Liam...

...and the obligatory "baby's first Thanksgiving dinner" shot. I should've got
one of him holding a huge drumstick.

Addie and Jake were off and running once we got there, and
with a crowd the size of our family get-togethers, it is quite easy
for them to slip around and hide behind various family members.
Even at their young age, they know what they can get away with

Little stinkers.

I figure we have a short while where I can take as many pics
as I want of our littlest guy, and then he'll be off and running, too. 

Oh well!

He'll be one January 11th, so I've got total first-birthday-party-planning
on the brain. It'll be our last one-year-old birthday to celebrate, as he's
our last baby--so I kinda want to go a lil over the top!! I wanted a fun &
somewhat different theme so I'm going with...

It just makes me think of my lil guy, growing and changing so much his first year.

There are so many great birthday ideas out there, so there's no way I can come across all of them! if you have or come across any that fit into my theme, PLEASE let me know! Thanks!


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Laura Irrgang said...

He totally looks like a Kewpie doll. I want to bite him. Ew-that sounded creepy. Bite him in a nice way.