Thursday, December 2, 2010

ladies and ladies

What I love about blogs, like many people, are the friends you meet and get to know through reading them. I think it's fun when someone shares a little peek into their life by telling the story behind something. The other day I stopped by my friend Laura's blog (called Rhinestone Armadillo--stop by, it's fab!) and mentioned my recent flea market score, a lady head, I thought I would share some pictures of my bedroom, where the vase resides, and some projects I'm working on.

Our walls aren't really this blue, they just look so because of the effect I used on the makes me wish they were, though.

It's amazing and kind of funny to me how many of my things are flea market finds. The floral picture in the whitewashed frame, far left, is actually a beautiful needlepoint piece I found. Underneath it is my old kitchen stool, found there too. The mirror with the cute raised dot frame is from the flea, as is the tiny picture right above it.

Ha ha...can you guess what we were watching by looking at the reflection?

Did anyone recognize Lightning McQueen?'s Cars! You can pin that one on Mr. Jakey.

I love the lavender sign. I won it in a blog giveaway. Rather than use a
jewelry box, I hang my necklaces on an iron hook decoration I like, made
to look like birds sitting in a row.

Here's a closer look at the vase, which cost me $'s unmarked, but I never care about stuff like
that anyway. I thought she was pretty and would look very smart on my dresser.

Also on the dresser is one of my most favorite things, which is the The Arc de Triomphe cookie jar my sister gave me. I store things inside of it (not cookies, even though I totally should), and also use the top as a little knick knack center.

Perfumes, a little fairy figurine for Addie, a picture of Jacob, a lock of Liam's hair, and in the largest photo--Mae. A dear, sweet woman I knew and loved.

I LOVE playing with Picasa, can you tell? ;)

My first Lefton find...this little strawberry basket. It's very cute, but it looks a little odd in this pic!
Something about the strawberries.

I didn't realize until now that I bought two lady vases that day...$1 for this one.

One thing I've had my eye open for at the flea lately is vintage purses. This is one I found
and have been waiting for the time to fancy up a little.

You can't tell by these pictures, but it is small and the leather has a cool slightly worn look to it. There's something sweet about it and it's one thin little handle.

These are some of the things I'm contemplating using on it...

My favorite amongst them is the old Audubon society pin.

This is a another small bag I'm working on...not ideas for it yet, though, except
maybe putting this owl brooch on it.

Whooo knows how the bags will turn out? Ok, seriously. Did you think I wouldn't? It was too perfect.

Thanks for stopping by! ;)

p.s....and why am I still having spacing problems with my posts? Oh blogger...I love you and yet I hate you at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marty!
Hey! Thanks for mentioning me....oooooh....I feel vaguely famous now.
I am so obsessed with other people's junk it's just unnatural.
Your lady-head vase is great. Do those have an official collectible sort of name? I saw a group of them featured a few years ago in a magazine...maybe Country Living? Or Mary Englebreit's Home Companion? I'm not sure where, but they were in a bright, fun kitchen, I think.

I like the little Baby Cat...isn't it funny what your kids get obsessed with? My daughter has recently discovered trains, pigs, and has been an owl fan as long as she could talk.

elizabeth said...

Love the is amazing!