Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reasons I love Thrifting #1: $2 art

I feel like I've just now caught my breath and had a minute's time
to sit and post a few of my past thrifting finds.
My kids have been sick, which (blessedly!) hardly ever happens...
but all three being fairly sick recently was a little tough! :)
Luckily everyone is feeling better now!

One of my favorite things to find in terms of vintage
is home decor. I love the unique look that old items bring,
often quirky and beautiful at the same time.
Case in point: this vintage lucite dish.

I love the organic shape, and the butterfly, flowers, and fern
preserved inside.

In the same nature-inspired vein is this shabby-pretty bird cage.

But my favorite home-decor find from the past few 
weeks is this handmade art that I found for $2.

At first, I wasn't too sure about it. 
Although it caught my attention immediately,
I had a long "hmmm...." in which I circled around
the store and pondered it for all of one minute.
Then I told myself, "Are you crazy? It's two dollars!" 
and got it.

It's a great size--18x24--and I have to say, I like it 
just as it is, with the gray frame and all.
What you may not be able to see from the pics too well
is that this is a collage, made with what appears to be tissue paper
and other papers. Up close, you can see all the lovely layers
and little rips and tears and other "artsiness."

I looked up the artist, but couldn't find any info at all.

The more I look at it, the more I find to like :)

I REALLY love vintage linens,
but trying to get a good picture of them is hard.
So, these photos don't show off the beauty of this
soft gray and pink tablecloth all that well,
but maybe you'll get an idea!

I've never found a vintage tablecloth this large
and that is in such good condition.
Not that it is unusually large...I just never seem to 
find tablecloths! 

This vintage kitchen towel is one of the cutest I've ever seen!

Isn't it adorable?

Other finds:

A salt-and-pepper set depicting the RCA dog...

A 70's Goebel figurine...

A tin with fiddling and dancing gnomes...

(hee hee!)

A vintage drinking tray...

An old pincushion...

Christmas stuff! I thought this somewhat odd
pair of pants with the back that opens up
was was with a box of stockings,
so I'm guessing it's meant to be used as one.

I found this one at the same place.

I always love vintage baby keepsake books.
So so so sweet.
It's hard to see the cover in this pic,
but it has a silvery tree with a baby sitting under it,
and the words "Wee Me."

Weren't the illustrations the cutest?

A cute trivet.

Even though I don't know how to sew/crochet myself,
I loved these old books.

Such sweet little sweaters!

I like this one with the scotty dogs.

Although some of the items do cross the line from cute
to slightly creepy.
Like these.

The outfit on little man is definitely a little odd from
a modern perspective.
And the little girl's coat seems so short!

This little carriage set, however, is precious all around.
I can imagine how proud a mama felt back then,
pushing her new baby in one of those cute old prams
with baby dressed in all this finery!

A set of vintage baby bibs...

And some old books.

First is this one by Judson Jerome, 
a children's book titled "I Never Saw..."

It turned out to be signed by the author!

The story itself is very poetic, 
with really neat illustrations--

The other book was this one, "The Wonder Book of the Air."
Neat photographs, and I love that it includes a "Women in Aviation" section.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else found

Monday, November 14, 2011

Newest Finds

I'll be leaving in about 3 hours to go pick up my boys 
from their visit to California to see my parents.
I haven't gone to bed yet...good thing the hubby is driving!
Still, I'll keep it short and sweet.
(At least, that's the plan.)

Beginning with my hoarder items.

"Hoarder items" are what I term those items that are so marvelously cheap
and so enticing they can't be left behind.
The sort of things that can easy get out of hand, because there's only so many
uses for such things...
but I'm not there yet ;)

Some of what I found this past week:
a folding ruler, some old dominoes, and a random little collection of animals.

The animals, at 25c for all, is the "hoarder item."
But really, who could leave such treasure behind? :)

The same goes with this vintage tinsel, at 10c.
With the illustrations on the back, it was too cute and cheap to leave.

Another hoarder item.
These are vintage napkin rings.
I mean, what am I going to do with them---? 
But they're cute.

This Good Housekeeping Book is from the 40's.
I love the pictures inside. 

I always like these vintage French canister jars.
I'm also a little gaga for apothecary jars.

Some cute silhouette napkins, 4 altogether.

Something about this book called to me.
(Okay that was bad.)

I was happy to find a first edition of this classic book
at a church rummage sale.
I gave it to my husband.

This angel is so cute
and the painting and artwork on her is beautiful.

We're headed to kitschy-land now...

A super-neon, super-groovy oven mitt.

Some more kitschy brightness.

(Incidentally, I think reading this super-adorable and fun blog
is making me crave more bright cheerful vintage. 
I love Danielle's style!)

This pillow seemed chevron-ish to me,
and loved the bright colors.

A sweet plate.
And it was taken on my favorite find of the week!

A little, bright blue nightstand.

Here's what I love about it:

I've been looking for one sporadically,
so that I could take photos of my shop items on it.
Something about this just stood out.
(Hmmm, maybe the insanely blue color?)

I was going to paint it a more neutral color,
but for now I think I'll leave it as is...

I like it.

Hope you have a great start to your week!

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