Tuesday, June 28, 2011

one for the road.

This is what I've been doing lately:

Packing up lots and lots of vintage stuff.

Soon we will be Oregon-bound.
Or, to be more specific, OCEAN bound.
Part of me can't believe we'll be living by the sea in just a few short days!

A lot of things will change up there, obviously--
one of them being the frequency of my thrift/flea trips.
I'm not sure what flea markets are around where I'll be moving to.
There are a few thrifts (phew), and of course we can always hit 
cities like Eugene and Portland. 
(Yes, I am crazy.)

Since I'm not sure when I'll get to blog again, I thought I'd sign off
with a mega thrift score post :)
You know, to get it out of my system and all.

As usual, I had to grab some things for the kids.

Addie will hardly ever say no to a book.

I bought this little Fisher Price schoolhouse for $3.
It's missing some of the sticker in some places, but it was still adorable.
And as luck would have it, I'd just bought Addie
way too many little dollies that were in need of a home.

I knew they would love the little school bell that they could ring.

I also knew they would love this cute mini chalkboard easel.
Dinner will be a lot more fancy once I write the menu on here ;)

Also at the flea market were these vintage suitcases.
It took me about 30 seconds to think them over.
Then I decided I loved them.

I love the color!

And look how cute the closing is.
It snaps into place, then locks with an extremely tiny key.
I would guess this key previously belonged to a gnome.

Jakey playing amongst all mama's finds.

Continuing on...fun stuff:

a vintage horse bank

60's kid's book with cute illustrations

How could I say no to Lassie?

A cute toy figurine.

A very, very, very, very, very, very cheerful vintage bath towel.

Two paris of shoes.

(Egads, how I love the pretty shoes. They are Aerosoles, 
so they are super super comfy!)

I wish you could see how pretty this bracelet is.
It has such a cool distressed patina to it.

I managed to find some art this week!
I am always so thrilled to find neat/cool/lovely/odd art.

This print was so lovely to me, and I had to grab the dish below
of course, as it mirrors the daisies in it.

Both of the following paintings are bold and yet so
soft and sweet. Something about them captivated me.

Adore the colors...

...and that it is signed "Sis!"

How about a few more random things 
before we get to one of my favorite finds this week?

A somewhat-odd-but-still-darling vase.

Look at that face! Bad kitty.

This dress is darling.
Had it fit Addie, I would've kept it for her.

Can you believe this fabric? Adorable.

Vintage summery baby outfits, as mentioned
in my last post.
Yay! I'm going to add these to my shop.

This one is my favorite!!

I guess I'll have to finish painting this mermaid myself.

As we were going to leave the flea market on Saturday,
I spied the red graphics on this glass.
How had I missed this?

This cup would be so perfect for a kid-size sundae. 
With gobs of whipped cream, just like my kids like :)

And of course, it'd have to be finished with a maraschino cherry.

Have you found anything really cool lately?
Do you ever have a hard time prying your "treasures" away from your kids?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

ye olde flea market finds

I've been really lucky in the thrifting/flea marketing department lately, which is not entirely a good thing considering we are moving in a matter of days. What?! No, seriously, on many levels...what?!?! 

I'll leave it at that. Thank goodness I have such a sweet and darling hubby (hi Nate), otherwise I wouldn't have had the opportunity to get out and find my things. He's always believed in my shop and has (hardly ever) said anything to me about my slight preoccupation with vintage.

Of course, the moving-12-hours-away dilemma actually provides a nice excuse for me. I mean, who knows when we'll be back down here to hit all my beloved thrifts? So that translates to me as "buy buy buy." That's something I look forward to once we move--spending more time on my shop.

So, as slightly embarrassing as this is to admit, I went to the flea market on Friday (with hubby) and today (with mom and sister), and to garage sales on both days. I was happy to see that there were things at the flea market today that I hadn't seen or hadn't been there Friday. Either way, it kind of goes to show that I sometimes give vendor stalls too quick a sweep and miss something that is literally right in front of me.

This also happened at the thrift store we stopped at today. It was the most awesome sale ever, as everything was half off. I thought I probably wouldn't find much, but there were actually quite a few cool things.

The only thing barring me from a full-fledged thrift store glory reveling session is that I am dead tired tonight....practically falling asleep in my chair :p But I can at least post a few pictures before I go to bed, because I really love what I'm finding out there lately.

Ok, one more sidenote: do you want to know how I can really tell I'm finding better goodies lately? I'm finding things in the more elusive categories like shoes, clothes, and vintage art. Personally, my observations have led me to conclude that if you are sized ten-and-under and wear a shoe sized seven or smaller, there's a lot of good stuff out there for you in terms of clothes--both contemporary and vintage. Another thing I never seem to find is vintage kid's clothes, which I found for the first time ever. Crazy. I just would've thought I'd have run across more by now! I love vintage kid's clothing.

Ok, time now to share before I fall asleep..

This blanket caught my eye because of the fun bright colors,
and because I knew certain patters of the fabric used to make it
would make a certain "someone" smile :)

I imagined it spread out on some cushy grass...

with a little pair of feet cozying up on it...

whose owner thought the blanket a magic rainbow.

While we were picking up some moving boxes today, I spied some flurry
over at a nearby thrift store. Oh me! Half off! :D

I found some fun glassware. Like this lovely goblet...
only one but still too pretty to be left behind.

I also found these Peerless Beer glasses to be rather cute.
They are very small though, like juice cups.

At the same store I found this Treasure Craft leaf dish.

I was finding a lot of great items in red! Here's a cute shirt I snagged for Addie:

Also there? These plastic saucer-sized plates.
Love the pattern and they were so cheap I had to get them.
But what to DO with them? 
If nothing else, they would be perfect for holding mud pies
at the tea parties Ms. Addie and I will hold on the shore.

One find I was really pleased with was this sweet little mermaid planter.

I turned it over and looked...it was Inarco.

I don't want to be too cliche and have everything in our house 
decorating-wise be sea themed since we will be living on the coast...
but I think a few fun touches like this would be great.

(My mother-in-law's guest bathroom is done with a mermaid/sea theme...
it is soooo cute, I'll have to post some pics of it
once we are up there!)

Fun art in a round frame.
I love round or oval frames.

I wanted this picture, which was in a frame, because
it reminded me of my own two little boys for some reason.

(here are MY boys!:)

When I pulled out the first photo to look at it more closely,
I found not only this picture inside--

...but this one, too.
Was one of these women the boys' mom perhaps?

I like a good little unexpected gift like that.

And also today, at the flea market, I was walking away from a stall
when I saw this on the ground.

The corner of a painting...a print. Two roofs.

On the back, someone had glued some newspaper down...

...looks like it was from the late sixties.

I HAD to bring it home. 

Do you ever rifle through the "free" box or bring
home any found objects?

(you may or may not remember these unloved little guys.)

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