Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thrift Finds: Literally Speaking

A few posts ago, I mentioned a big purchase I'd made
in the vintage department.

I hereby consider this piece to be the one where I "crossed over"
in the said vintage-loving department!

I think there comes a time in every vintage collector/enthusiast/hoarder's
experience where it goes beyond buying cute knick knacks,
and you find yourself looking at something and thinking
" I little crazy for wanting this?"
But as crazy as it seems--you just. Must. BUY.

So here she is!
Or should I say, they.

A 1960's theater set decoration.
And it lights up!

It does need a little work.
One of the wires needs to be tightened,
and some of the bulbs need to be replaced.
It came with extras.

It's nearly 8 feet tall!
That's pretty big for our tiny little house by the sea.
I loved the cute Edwardian era couple though,
and when it's lit up--it looks so cool!

When I was buying it 
(from my favorite thrift store here in Oregon, no less--that place rocks!)
everyone was asking what I was going to do with it--
put it in a restaurant? Did I have a shop?
I think maybe they thought putting it in a house was a little odd, lol!

Oh well.
My bedroom needed a night light, what can I say?

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thrift Finds: No Kiddos Edition

Today two seeming rarities collided in my neck of the woods,
those being 1) It was a sunny day and 2) I had extended "me time,"
as my kiddos are in California visiting my parents.

So it was time to do a little thrifting!
(Although it's always time for that.)

I'll start with owls :)

This cute little guy is so cute.
I actually have another one like this already, 
but it has a teeny chip on one ear.
Now that I have two, I'll glue a little bow on the other one 
to make a Mr. and Mrs. Owl set.
And to hide the chip, of course ;)

I found two sets of these vintage owls.
They're cuter in person for some reason.

This isn't super old, but I liked the lettering.
And as you can see, it was only 25 cents.

Being that I love baking, I found this cup adorable.
It says "The happiest time I ever had was when I made another glad."

This little pile of wooden pieces have the cutest graphics.
I found them at an antique store, and there are seven total...everything from Abe Lincoln
to a ship to my favorite, the little doggie begging for scraps.

I also like the clown...does anyone know what they are for?

And being that I am always looking for vintage cowboy stuff
for my kiddos bedroom, I also loved these.

And by the same token, this :)
It's on the bigger side, too, which makes it great for using as a decoration.

I haven't bought old photographs for awhile, 
but I like these two Christmas-y ones.

I would love to have that Santa on my door!

And I love the little tinseled tree in this one.

My friend's little boy has a birthday coming up and I want to find a way
to use this cute wrapping paper! There isn't a lot of it,
and I'd kind of hate to use it just to wrap something. The irony, huh?

Here's some new things I found today.
Well, new meaning not vintage :)

An Ann Taintor mug for 50 cents.
Hecks yes.

This card struck me as really cute.

Ah, isn't cheap reading material the BEST?
I found a nice stack of my favorite magazines for 10 cents each--
Country Living, Mary Jane's Farm, and Bliss Victoria.
And I found a book I've been looking for too, at only a dollar.
(Yeah, there's no way I could finish it in the library lend out time, ha!)

4 hours of out-and-aboutness without worrying 
about being gone too long ;)
What a fun time!

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