Thursday, June 2, 2011

unloved old teddy bears.


What's cracking?

A lot of popcorn, or at our house anyway. It's the big new craze.

That, along with E.T., is really big with them right now. E.T., who knew? Something about it they find fascinating. I think it's kinda cool just because
it's a movie from my childhood.

Here are some more pics of those two that I snapped the other day while watching their pals Jaeda and Gisselle play baseball.

That last photo makes me smile.
I asked Jakey to show me his shoes, which
he is SO proud of. It's the only pair he wants
to wear and he insists on them every time.

I've been picking up a lot of books lately at the thrift store.
I usually buy the kids some, because it seems
harder to find books for me.

I'm thrilled to be able to just go and grab any
that look good, knowing the price
will be suuuuper cheap.

Ok, this is how much of a nerd I, not because I read.
Reading is COOL! 
Rather, because I get so excited about my finds that
I took pictures to share with you.

I mean, considering how much they cost at the bookstore!
And, I love that we run across many we never
would have seen otherwise.

Even though they share them all, I bring them each
their own little pile to feel proud of. 
As you can see it makes them so happy.

These are Addies.
She's starting to love "My Little Pony,"
and of course the Tangled book was a must.
The Madeline Activity book was a good score.

Usually any stickers in books like that look like this--

...with several missing. But this time they were
all there, and it's my little girl who pulled them out.
These were actually vinyl, with a little play board to put them on.
Too cute.

Addie's books: Madeline 29c, Tangled 19c, Lil book of God 29c, My Little Pony 19c.
Her total: 96 cents.

What we do have a lot of are baby books.
So this time, just two for Liam: Autumn, which was 29c, and Babybug, a whopping 19c.
His total: 48 cents.

Jakey also got a special find in that we found an intact lift-the-flaps book. 
Again, those little flaps are usually missing from otherwise cute books.
Funny the things you start to notice when book-digging ;)

Jakes books: Seals 39c, High Five 29c, Mouse Paint 19c,
Cordoroy's Halloween 29c. 
Jake's total: $1.16.

Not even three bucks for a ton of books?! Ok! :D

I am literally the crazy lady digging through the laudry-cart of books
trying to get to the ones at the bottom 
cuz you just never know what you'll find.
I wish all thrift stores had so many kid's books to choose from
at such cheap prices, but this one is I do stock up.

Now I won't feel so bad when they rip, cut, or draw on them.
I've beent trying to teach them to respect books
but somehow they're not there yet ;P

I bought this one for me, believe it or not.

I have to admit, I'm beginning to build up a slight
infatuation with horses. Well, vintage equine-y items I should say.
I love the look of such things when decorating, as done so here:

(source: Country Living)

Aren't all little girls supposed to go through a stage where 
they love horses? I don't recall ever doing so.
I guess its hitting me a little late.

And alright, while I'm confessing to my cheap book habit, I'll let you in
on these little secrets too. 

As you know, I have a weakness for vintage. So much so
that I see little orphaned, semi-ruined, ugly, or obscure vintage items
and I have to "adopt" them and bring them home.

Like this painting.

I mean, where would I put such a thing?
I suppose I could put it in the kids room, but it'd probably scare them!
Quasi-creepy and all, ya know. 
But I can see a charm about it, too...
it has the neatest little artist's card on the back.

Finally, the best "worst" for last.

Meet these guys.

They're best buds. Both were abandoned.

The panda was in a heap of free stuffed animals.
He's filthy and missing an eye...ok, both eyes.

Brown bear was a whole quarter.

He too has eye problems. 

Why on earth I would bring them home
is to solve one of the great mysteries of the universe.

But seriously, the playful part in me
thinks it could be a fun project for the kids and I...
trying to fix them up a little, replaces some eyeballs,
perhaps make them some little clothes.

(Yes, I've seen Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 way too many times.)

I like the idea of seeing beauty in odd places...
and that some things are worth saving and fixing/working on
to make it new.

Even unloved old teddy bears.

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Cameron said...

I just did a 15 book raid at the local Thrift store recently,'s just thrilling to find so much inspiration, joy and excitement for so little money. Refreshing considering how expensive everything is nowadays :D

My Hubs is starting to plan our trip for the Summer. We'll be leaving here sometime after July, we'll probably be up near Yachats about 3rd week in July or so...I'll know more later, just wanted to give you a heads up and see what things look like for you :)

Love seeing pics of the kids....they have the most adorable faces!

Big hugs, Hon...