Tuesday, June 28, 2011

one for the road.

This is what I've been doing lately:

Packing up lots and lots of vintage stuff.

Soon we will be Oregon-bound.
Or, to be more specific, OCEAN bound.
Part of me can't believe we'll be living by the sea in just a few short days!

A lot of things will change up there, obviously--
one of them being the frequency of my thrift/flea trips.
I'm not sure what flea markets are around where I'll be moving to.
There are a few thrifts (phew), and of course we can always hit 
cities like Eugene and Portland. 
(Yes, I am crazy.)

Since I'm not sure when I'll get to blog again, I thought I'd sign off
with a mega thrift score post :)
You know, to get it out of my system and all.

As usual, I had to grab some things for the kids.

Addie will hardly ever say no to a book.

I bought this little Fisher Price schoolhouse for $3.
It's missing some of the sticker in some places, but it was still adorable.
And as luck would have it, I'd just bought Addie
way too many little dollies that were in need of a home.

I knew they would love the little school bell that they could ring.

I also knew they would love this cute mini chalkboard easel.
Dinner will be a lot more fancy once I write the menu on here ;)

Also at the flea market were these vintage suitcases.
It took me about 30 seconds to think them over.
Then I decided I loved them.

I love the color!

And look how cute the closing is.
It snaps into place, then locks with an extremely tiny key.
I would guess this key previously belonged to a gnome.

Jakey playing amongst all mama's finds.

Continuing on...fun stuff:

a vintage horse bank

60's kid's book with cute illustrations

How could I say no to Lassie?

A cute toy figurine.

A very, very, very, very, very, very cheerful vintage bath towel.

Two paris of shoes.

(Egads, how I love the pretty shoes. They are Aerosoles, 
so they are super super comfy!)

I wish you could see how pretty this bracelet is.
It has such a cool distressed patina to it.

I managed to find some art this week!
I am always so thrilled to find neat/cool/lovely/odd art.

This print was so lovely to me, and I had to grab the dish below
of course, as it mirrors the daisies in it.

Both of the following paintings are bold and yet so
soft and sweet. Something about them captivated me.

Adore the colors...

...and that it is signed "Sis!"

How about a few more random things 
before we get to one of my favorite finds this week?

A somewhat-odd-but-still-darling vase.

Look at that face! Bad kitty.

This dress is darling.
Had it fit Addie, I would've kept it for her.

Can you believe this fabric? Adorable.

Vintage summery baby outfits, as mentioned
in my last post.
Yay! I'm going to add these to my shop.

This one is my favorite!!

I guess I'll have to finish painting this mermaid myself.

As we were going to leave the flea market on Saturday,
I spied the red graphics on this glass.
How had I missed this?

This cup would be so perfect for a kid-size sundae. 
With gobs of whipped cream, just like my kids like :)

And of course, it'd have to be finished with a maraschino cherry.

Have you found anything really cool lately?
Do you ever have a hard time prying your "treasures" away from your kids?


Cameron said...

I was just wondering how things were going for you! Find some places quick...we may need to hit a few while I'm there...heehee ;D

Marty said...

Oh DEFINITELY Cam! Bwahahahaha.... :D

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I hope to some day live near the ocean! And these red graphic glasses are fantastic!!!