Friday, July 15, 2011

first steps to the sea.

Oh me is my mind tired. And my body, rather physically exhausted. But the important thing is that we are in Oregon now, in our small house by the sea :) And there has been so much that has happened already...a million moments I want to share, and a few of which I will, as the time comes. For now, I'll start with this one--a walk I took with Liam to the ocean.

Addie and Jake were with Nonni at the time, so it was just me and the littlest kiddo. Sweet Liam, his nature truly is just that of the constantly happy baby. It was such a nice little moment to have with him, because of that very cheerful disposition of his, and because time with just him rarely happens. 

These were, officially, his first steps to the sea :)

Just a five minute walk down our road, 
then it's a straight, grassy path to the sea.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Liam approved.

His curiosity at everything was adorable.

With mama.

My little angel face! ;)

I really, really loved this special moment spent with him.
And just as much, I loved holding that chubby
little hand all the way home.

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Cameron said...

I was in awe and delight of his cheerful energy! Such a sweet boy, so happy and easy going :)