Tuesday, June 14, 2011

tuesday flea market finds.

Today's flea market was the one in Turlock. I like this one a lot because it's the one where I'm always more likely to find cool old stuff. Nothing spectacular today, but of course I can't leave the flea empty-handed. That term just sounds wrong to me.

Here's what I found today:

An old doll, whom I liked because she reminded me of a character from a fairytale--

Some more old linens--I just adore bright, cheerful old pillowcases--

A cute old Mother Goose book from the 40's for a quarter,
with adorable illustrations inside--

(don't you love when old books have beautiful front and endpapers?)

A cool swatch of fabric with pictures on it--

...and some summery shoes.

I will now call them my "cheap summery dollar shoes" :D
'Cause you guessed it...they cost $1.

These here are some fancy shoes, too. 
Even the bottoms are cute ;)

Now isn't that a cheerful little imprint :)

 I was amazed at how much these shoes sell for online.
I've never heard of them, but the brand is Indigo by Clark's. 

They'll match my "cheap summery purse" that
is my favorite right now. It's on the larger side, and I sling it across
when I use it so my hands are free.
Very excellent when flea marketing.

I like to put different little pins I find on the fronts
of my bags/purses.

Oh yeah, I found one more thing today--
this vintage print of the holy family.

I'm not religious by any means, much more the
 "spiritual" type of person...and yet something about vintage items
like this intrigue me. I like the way Jesus is sleeping
so peacefully, as Mary readies the sheet to snuggle him in.

Ready for some more vintage?! Head over to the retro party
over at Sophie's blog, called Her Library Adventures, to find more!


Cameron said...

Fun finds!...and those shoes don't even look worn!

Cute stuff Miss Marty :D

Marty said...

Thanks Cam!

Anonymous said...

Hey---my husband is NOT religious at all, and didn't grow up going to church. It always cracks me up to hear him describe religious paintings since he never knows who's who.

He keeps forgetting that Joseph raised Jesus. That just kills me---it's funny to think of Joseph off on a fishing trip and Jesus tucking himself as Baby Jesus into bed. I keep saying, "Honey, that's Joseph, not God. Or Jesus. Jesus is the BABY. Mary's husband is JOSEPH." Then he'll say, "But Joseph's not his REAL father. That's so screwed up."