Monday, June 20, 2011

dada day.

They go by many names, but to us--he's "dada."

For my first Mother's Day--when I was pregnant with Addie--
he bought me flowers, a card, and a baby-care book
with the most beautiful inscription inside.

As the pregnancy moved along, he would look at 
baby magazines with me, eager to learn all there was to know
about the sweet little baby we awaited.

He went to every single doctor's appointment with Addie--
even rushing from work in order to make it.

When Addie was born, he was so genuinely
excited, happy, and proud.
Like any good Dada.

Even when another little baby joined our family
less than a year later...

He still kept his cool :)
And met Daddyhood head on with a smile.

Then baby #3 joined us...

adding a new kind of chaos to the mix.

He still kept his cool.

And his sense of humor ;)

With each birth, he was there for me unconditionally,
calming my worries and fears.

He's greeted each child with immense love, protection,
sweetness, and joy.

As they've grown, he's guided steps,
fixed ouchies, and made them laugh like mad.

Thank you, Dada, for being exactly who you are.

And thank you to my dad for all he's ever done for me
(which is a LOT!)
and for being such a wonderful Papa.

And Poppi, thank you for being wonderful too!

I am so blessed and grateful for all of you! :)

To all men who touch their children's lives
through their love, guidance, and protection--
thank you.

Happy Father's Day!

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Cameron said... seeing sweet photos like those! My fave is you with #3 in your tummy...heehee :)