Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday (thrift store) Haul

Yesterday was my birthday, and because we are on a tight budget due to our upcoming move (right around the corner--well, not literally, but time-wise), I told Nate I wanted to go thrift-shopping for my birthday. I mean, seriously...when one doesn't have much money to spend, isn't thrifting just the perfect way to feel like you've gotten more "bang" for your buck...especially if you've found a real treasure?

So! Here is what I found:

First up, an old creepy-cool clown painting from the 50's or 60's. Did I mention I ADORE vintage art? Even the kitschy stuff! However, this one is going into my shop.

(Case in point: doesn't this collection of random vintage paintings from Oh Happy Day look super-cool?)

This somewhat garish 70's framed art beckoned to me, I'll admit.
It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

Keeping the kitsch factor going, I present to you this vintage potholder.
Isn't it funny how cartoon-y things like this
were a lot more common back then?

Now for some books, which a good book-a-holic like myself
can never miss.

This series by Peggy Parish was one of my absolute favorites as a kid.
Therefore, I was thrilled when I saw this book!

I loved books (such as the one above) about "mysteries," clues, etc. as a child.
I find it very cute that Addie already shows a like
for the same things. One of her favorite shows is Scooby-Doo, 
and she's constantly telling me we have to "solve the mystery."

At the same thrift store, I found this old "Garden Flowers" volume of The Nature Library.
It's from the 20's, and has the loveliest pictures.

More old books--sigh :) The kids and I love Maurice Sendak.
"Little Bear" (the cartoon, not the book--yet) is big around our house.

(p.s. I also like the cute little retro price sticker on it!)

I dunno why, but I just liked this one--
maybe because I "believe" in ghosts and have caught a few evp's myself?

I have to share about this cool website I found! 
The author reviews old vintage books, how cool is that?
The only worry I have is now I'm going to start falling
in love with a lot of old kid's books once I see them on her blog!

Okay, I gotta sneak these in....moreoldpillowcasesinbrightcutecolors.

I just can't resist. 

This is a really cute 70's "teacher's" game. I found the illustrations charmed me.

Of course, whether some things make it into my shop or not
isn't always up to me. It's also up to Addie. The game above
is one such example. I think she's already claimed it as her own :)

Speaking of Addie, this lil girl is doing a number on me lately.
She is being SO sweet to her two little crazy.
Not all the time, but enough to make me notice, lol.

Does she do this because she KNOWS even the most 
stressed of mommies will turn into jell-o upon seeing 
her kids--dare we say it--get along?
And actually being affectionate?!

Addie making one of her odd faces below.
She is such a comedienne.

And she's been buttering up to littlest brother, too.

Here's one of Jakey without his big sister draped all over him.
I'm amazed he's walking in this pic, and not running.

Well, that's what's been going on with us.
I'm again linking up with the fabulous Sophie and her cute blog,
called Her Library Adventures--stop by for more vintage finds!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


Fritzi Marie said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Dearie.
I hope your birthday month is magical.
You sure found some treasure.

Fritzi Marie

Marty said...

Thank you! :)

Cameron said...

Well, Happy Birthday!!!

I'm so glad you were able to spend it doing something you love! Great stuff, btw....

...and your kids are too cute! Bet they're excited about the move!

We should discuss plans to meet soon...heehee :D

Florence said...

Happy birthday!! What great birthday presents. I love the books, the puzzles, the paintings, well everything. You must have been thrilled to find such treasures on that special day. It's a good idea, to go and splash out in opshops for your birthday, I'll remember that for mine... xx

Cathy said...

Great stuff! The books are wonderful! Love the garden book and the pillow cases are too die for. Blues are so hard to find! I just used a sheet to match the pink pillow case in a quilt that i just finished....Nice!!!