Friday, June 24, 2011

My latest ETSY favorites

Etsy is one of those sites that I just have to go on every day. Mostly it's to be inspired by all the gorgeous stuff on there, and to smile at the fun and unique things. I love when people share their personal etsy favorites on blogs, so I thought I'd give it a go.

1.) Prairie Seed dry goods.

This shop is a lovely mix of vintage and handmade items such as sachets, wedding accessories, and aprons.
I love the sweetness and playfulness of their items. And the photographs are so beautiful, I had to look at every item. They look like they're from a magazine.

Here's what caught my eye:

1. lovely lavender and chamomile sachet, $8.  2. gingham gathering apron, $30.  3. custom wedding cake decoration textile flowers, $38.  4. Giraffe cake topper in wool, linen, and vintage lace
5. beautiful vintage milk glass plate, $20.

Too bad the cookies weren't for sale, I'd buy those too! ;)

2.) In the "cute but I'll never buy it beccause it's too expensive for me (at least for now)" category is this Vintage Drawers credenza ($1,150) by mamnyc. 

I just love the vintage-y/funky look it has.

3.) Yellowsquarelove is one of the most fascinating stores I've come across on etsy. Here you will find the most intriguing and delightful lamps, made out of everyday objects in an unexpected way. For example, you'll find lamps made from thermoses...

and vintage Fisher Price toys...

and radios. The hubby would like that one.

There's a few I really love in there, one of them being this
little number for the kitchen.

Nostalgic Thermos lamp, $78.
1970 Fisher Price toy plane lamp, $128.
Am/Fm Radio lamp, $120.
Vintage Hy-Klas Coffee tin lamp, $86.

4.) This Hydrangea lamp from Sarah Foote is so beautiful, especially lit...I would just stare at it. $649.  They also have a seaweed lamp and a spaghetti lamp

5.) I want this! And it's so affordable! I think I'm going to have to point this out to the hubby...the initial bunnies bracelet, $24. From iadornu (who, incidentally, has a lot of other stamped jewelry in unique designs...which can be hard to find, at least for me).

Little bunnies for each of my babies. I love it.

What are you loving on etsy right now?
If there's anything you really love, let me know!

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Cameron said...

Fun stuff....such unusual lamps...haha!

Those bunnies are the cutest!