Friday, June 18, 2010

☼Tweet Baby Designs Necklace: a review☼

I, like any other mom out there, love to find cute new products for my
kids. There's always something darling to buy while out and about, but 
I think my favorite items end up being the ones that are both adorable 
AND practical. That's why I was intrigued and instantly charmed when
I came across this necklace made by Ashlee of Tweet Baby Designs on Etsy:

Isn't it cute? I would totally wear this on its own--for me!
As it turns out, though, it's a "chomping necklace," made for
your infant to play with, pull on, and chomp. Ingenious!

The necklace is made of wooden beads, covered and knotted
with fabric. Ashley has lots of really lovely prints available, so
it may be hard to make up your mind if you buy one :)

One of the reasons I was so excited to receive this was because
I KNEW Liam was going to love it. I don't know if it's mommy
intuition, or maybe just the obvious...all moms know that if you
are wearing a necklace, your baby is going to grab for it! In any
event, I was right:

Yep. We both found it to be pretty darn excellent.

Therefore, we have to give the Tweet Baby Designs necklace this:

(Because if he isn't happy, no one is.)

In addition to these adorable necklaces, Ashlee's
shop also includes amber teething jewelry,
onesies, art journals, baby wraps, coffee cozies,
and more. Pretty awesome for a mommy of six!

Ashlee's shop is currently closed while she is on vacation,
but it will re-open this coming Monday, June 21st.
When she returns, she will have some COOL new items,
including ORGANIC chomping necklaces in vibrant
colors, fabric petal headbands, and clips. Please stop
by and check out her cute little shop!

       *Tweet Baby Designs*

And a big thank you to Ashlee for letting us feature
her shop...we are smitten!


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Oh I LOVE this idea and will be checking out tweet baby designs!

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This looks like such a great idea! Cute and fun for baby! love it! off to check it out now!