Friday, June 4, 2010

✾The Little Mermaid & Mr. Big Boy✾

I love watching the kids play. Of course, sometimes my mood is
a little short and their playing is just noise in the background as
I do whatever I'm trying to do. Even then it's comforting, joyful, 
but at times (as we all know!) it can be just irritating (as the 
thousandth toy is pulled from their huge pile of them and 
tossed onto the floor :)
...Then, at other times, their play is magic. I see them trying on
the roles their imagination has sparked, whether it is 
"The Little Mermaid" or "Mr. Big Boy" playing with his Hot Wheels
on his sister's bed. 
I see their joy--unabashed joy.

And I become so grateful I took the time to look closer amidst
my busy day and enjoy them being little.

I love capturing Addie during the moments she isn't expecting I can see
the "real" her.

I also love watching Jakey play with his cars. I think it's hilarious that he
does, for some reason--I mean, he's not even two. I like seeing
him playing so peacefully as he carefully moves the car
back and forth...back and forth...what can he be imagining? 

Thank you, babies, for keeping mommy young at heart. 

Even as you give her grays ;)

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Anonymous said...

I'd take all your grays away from you if I could! They're really not so bad!