Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wow, what a holiday season this has been! We've been enjoying everything immensely, even with the normal state of "chaos" that is raising three under 3 amped up a bit. Things have been busy. I hope you enjoyed your special get-togethers with family & friends, and have some beautiful memories as a result :)

My newest project as of late is painting a little doll cradle I found for Addie. It was a very plain and bare wood, but it caught my eye because it was so classically adorable. The day after finding it, my sister found a gorgeous doll that looks vintage (at the flea market also) and it just seemed totally kismet.

Addie is having great fun helping me paint it pink. I bought a wooden plaque at
Michael's which I'm going to paint and glue on. It has room to write something on it, so I thought
I'd paint "Baby Doll" on there...for the obvious reason, but also because it is one of my fave
nicknames for Addie.

We'll post pics when we're done with it!

Lastly I wanted to share these pics of Addie...

....this is one of the very (and I mean very) few times I've straightened her hair. Even then it still
has a lot of wave to it, her hair is so curly. It just seems so funny how different she looks to me
just by doing that.

And yes, that is Liam shoving his sister into the oven. What else is a little brother to do? ;)

Which reminds me, I also bought another doll because it had the most adorable, chubby face...
little did I know when I undressed it that it was a perfect replica of Liam's bottom! Too special,
don't you think? :P

Hope your holidays were great!

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Braley Mama said...

How sweet!
Addie's hair is getting so long. This post reminds me of us recently, I just blew Sinclair's hair out for the first time today. It is amazing what doing one small thing to them can do:O)
So glad you had a great holiday!!!