Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's about to get a lot more real, yo.

Just kidding! ;)

But in all seriousness, my blog is going to take a new direction in a few is my little family and I. We've made the big (gulp) decision to move to the little town Nate and I once lived in, the one that inspired this very blog--Yachats, Oregon...where we lived in a small house by the sea.

This is certainly one of the harder things I'll do in my life. Even though we won't be moving too far away--it's about a half's day drive from our current little town--my whole family is here. It's really difficult to know that a lot of people will miss my kids, because they are very, very, VERY well-loved, and for that, I am so amazingly grateful. I remember thinking at my first baby shower, for Addie, how wonderful it felt to know that so many people were waiting to meet her. It moved me very much back then, and with each new baby, that feeling never ceased...they've been pulled into the thread of my extended family, and now seamlessly they are a part of it. So, to take the kids away from the area and people they have known feels almost wrong on my part. Because I do know it will cause some pain on both sides.

At the same time, I dream of things. I dream of the ocean, and the days we'd spend there as a family. I think of how wonderful it will be to explore the beautiful area there--not only the sea but the mountains, and trips to places like Portland and Eugene. I think of 4th of July and seeing the fireworks explode over the water. I even think of how much my dog Brawley will love it, to be free to run on the beach once more.

Sometimes your inner voice speaks so loudly, you just can't ignore it. Do you remember the last time that happened to you? I'm the sort who somewhat tends to discount that voice--it's only over the years that I've begun to listen to and trust it more and more.

I'm not entirely sure what I can expect, I know it will be hard, I know I will miss everyone like crazy--but at the same time, it feels blissfully good to follow my heart. I'm the sort of worry-wart and analytical thinker that would usually over-think the prospect of moving (and believe me, in some ways I have), but I find myself being more and more easy about it. It feels right.

I am excited to share our move with you, when it happens--and I hope you'll continue to stop by once we do so I can share our new life as sea-side inhabitants :)


Cameron said...

Can't wait!

I'm behind you....cheering you on :)

Ang said...

It sounds like a beautiful place ... it takes courage to follow your heart and make such a big change!