Sunday, April 10, 2011

The sentence

I recently Facebooked this video Nate took of the kids, but I had had had to add it here, too, because I love this video that much! The reason being, Liam asks "Where are you Mama?" in it, and it just makes my heart MELT. He really is just the sweetest baby (most of the time, lol). I love it when he comes up to me and gives me a random hug or just rests his head against me before toddling off. He's my last baby, and I'm soaking that baby-ness all in...but he really does make it easy.

Here is a photo I took of him the other day, all chubby thighs and blue eyes...

I love you, Liam.


Cameron said...

I so wish I had one more, to cuddle, to hold til my arms went weak, to sing and coo to......sometimes...haha! I do miss it! Enjoy it, Marty...we know how fast it goes by :(

Addy is so beautiful, too!

Braley Mama said...

awwww, he is so sweet! u make me really want a boy :OP

liZ evans said...

I just read a comment you left on my blog this morning and then I clicked over to see who you are...I"m not a creepy blog stalker or anything.

Anyways, I'm glad I did. Your blogs and photos and both fun and interesting and your post about moving made me cry...why when everything seems to be so perfect does our spirit move us to go in a different direction?

I'll envy that house by the sea as I am here in the desert. Good luck with the move.

oh and ps---your kids are beautiful as well---being a mom is just awesome.