Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pedal on.

Hello, fellow thrifting addictees! 
(Yeah, that was totally not a word, I know.)

Here on the Oregon coast, we're still waiting
for it to be summer. I can't even imagine
actual heat. I am really looking forward to sunshine!
Lately, we may get a few days of it before the gloominess returns.
So, my photos as of late tend to be a bit on the darker side.

Here's what I found this week:

A pair of little Georges Briard custard-size bowls.
I love his designs, but I never ever find anything by him.

I took a quick stop by my local thrift store today,
right when they were closing. I took a 5 minute sweep 
and found these sweet cups. So cute.
Don't you love when you find something right away?

A small green basket and an apple-shaped container.

Two owls:

One a statue...

One a set of unopened playing cards.

As if I wasn't already charmed by Australia...!

I especially like the joey holding a camera :)

I love old art instruction books, 
though I have no concrete artistic talent to speak of.

The illustrations are so darling. 
And funny.

This baby blanket is really thin, rather large, and in excellent condition.
Too bad none of my babies are "babies" anymore,
this would be perfect as a light summer cover.

Pigs, bunnies, kittens, dogs, elephants, giraffes...
a darling smorgasbord of wee animals.

And lastly, this curious rabbit.

My husband's comment on it:

"Creepy. But kind of cool."

I just find something about him so charming!

Pedal on.

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Heather said...

Nice finds -- especially the cups! My brother lives in Washington ahd is also complaining about the lack of summer. You are welcome to some of our midwestern heat if you'd like! ;)

Cara-Mia said...

Oh wow, so many great finds! I especially love the apple container.

Cap Creations said...

Aah what lovely treasures. Teacup bird feeders is what Id do with those sets. Any plans for the owl statue? Thanks for joining at cap creations.

Katie said...

Hi Marty!!

Thanks for commenting over at the blog!

I am LOVING these patterned mugs you found. What a huge SCORE!

And that rabbit. I agree with your husband. It reminds me of the hamsters in the kia commercials!