Saturday, August 25, 2012

Living with Vintage: Fridgescape

Hi friends!
Sadly, this is what you resort to when
you are mommy to three precious toddlers (absolutely slightly sarcastic there):
a vintage "fridgescape."
Because it is the one absolute place they cannot reach,
and vintage goodies can indeed remain "pristine!"

Here is where I place my better Pyrex, and my favorite vintage mugs.
I finally bought a vintage cow creamer recently because really,
doesn't every nostalgic kitchen need one? ;)

There are Pyrex patterns out there I like more,
but these pieces were so well priced, and I love to use them.
Having a little matching set is fun.

I love cookbooks, but only have room for a little stack up there.
Never fear, I have a ton of vintage ones hoarded in a box somewhere...

This small wire basket is from my trip to California.
So cute.

I tried to give the fridge some vintage bling too.
We've had the snooty chef and vintage movie magnets forever.
The card and postcard are vintage finds.
The one of the handsome gentleman is by Courtney Oquist, which
can be found on etsy. She has a lot of cute products.
The photos are of my beloved dog Brawley, who died a few months ago.
I heart him.

And lastly, our toddler command center,
where all planning, art, preschool stuff,
and "morning" chart go.
I found the calendar, brand new, at the thrift store for $1.
Although it only had a few months left to use it,
it's pretty darn awesome! 
It has so many helpful features for organizing--
I'm going to buy the 2013 version for sure, I'm sold.
You can see it here if you're interested.

So, that's my happy fridge top!
As long as I "remind" my husband not to clutter it up
with mail and such, it remains "my" space.
Which cannot be said for pretty much any other room in this teeny house ;)

Now if only the inside could be so pretty.

1 comment:

Cameron said...

You have the prettiest top of the fridge I have ever seen....I hate to think of what dust bunnies and spider webs live on mine!

...I am enamored with that mushroom mug...too darn cute!