Saturday, February 16, 2013

small things.

When it comes to estate sales,
it doesn't take much to make me happy.
I'm pretty much never one of the buyers there
 for the furniture or other big items.
Even though estate sales of any kind
are pretty hard to come by around here,
it's still the small (and cheap!) things that make me happy :)
(And  yes. I am probably the only person who would take a free name sign!)
I liked this worn, book-shaped little box just fine...

...and when I saw someone had this odd little clipping
saved inside of it, I liked it even better.

This journal--a ledger, actually--will soon hold record of all my thrifting finds. 
I joked to my hubby that we'll throw a party once it's filled,
and I'll make him faint by revealing the grand total. 
This cute oversized postcard reminded me of my kids.

I love this little house-shaped pot holder :)
A sweet photograph, birthday card, and invitation.
They weren't found together, but you'd think they were--
equally adorable. The card is from the 1930s.


Some super-bright and cute birthday cards.


 Although this one seemed a little sad...

Is it just me, or does it seem to be aimed at soldiers overseas?
 And hoping they remain safe?

Postcards that caught my eye.

Woolworth's in 1950's San Francisco.
Do you guys like reading about vintage icons and such too?
There was a really good book about Woolworth's that I read some time ago.
I love books that take a look back at what things were like.


A few Christmas cards and Valentines.

In the hallways at this sale, they had several old maps
stuck onto the wall with painter's tape.
They were ridiculously cheap...
I only wish they'd had them on a table,
because even using that tape they got a little ruined.
This map of New York is from the 30's.

This one is from the early 1940's.

My favorite find at this particular sale, though,
was a stack of old souvenir postcard books.
The art is so cute!!

So classic.
These date from the 40's to the 50's.
I especially liked the Hollywood one.

Aren't these scenes from Niagra Falls
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Pixie said...

I love the smalls too! Lovely finds. Wish I could find an estate sale over here!

Pam said...

Popped over from Sir Thrift A Lot. Awesome finds. The ledger is great and I love all those old cards. I'm a sucker for vintage Christmas and birthday cards. Maybe you'll luck out and find another Doreen that needs a desk sign!

Iprefervintage said...

I like the little things too.

The picture of the little girl is darling. Something every parent can relate to.

Mid Mod Mom said...

sweet finds, it is the small things that should make us happy every time. right?

ThrifterSisters said...

You found an amazing selection of ephemera! The cards are amazing and my favorite is the little girl climbing on the counter. I live for estate sales and after going through the kitchen, I love to go through the rest of the house in search of the smalls.

Have a great week,


The Joyful Thrifter said...

wow! WOW! WOW!! Your finds are awesome. I love your idea of turning your vintage journal into a documentation of your thrift finds! Such a fun way to document it.

The Joyful Thrifter

chrissy said...

the colors and graphics are gorgeous! amazing pieces of art AND history. great collection.

Gina said...

"Doreen Fox'...what a cool name!
Love all the ephemera!

Van said...

So much beauty to behold! I love those cards and hell, everything else you found. Nice photos and staging, too.

Glad I found your blog. I shall be following and reading along.

Anonymous said...

Doreen Fox....great name!
I'm imagining she looked a lot like Joan from Mad Men.