Thursday, May 27, 2010


As you may now know, Addie's middle name (which is Narelle) means "woman by the sea."
I'd never heard it before, but it is Australian in origin, or at least according to the book I had.
We had already decided on the first name, Addison (which we spell "Adisenne"), but were
having a more difficult time finding a middle name. While driving along, I asked my husband
to pick a letter as I browsed through a baby name book. So that's the more-or-less fateful
way Addie's full name came to be. What made it so special to us was the meaning.
It seemed so appropriate, being that we were living by the sea.

In the same way, we came to choose Jake and Liam's middle names. I thought it would
be neat if all of their middle names were ocean-related in some way. So, Jake's middle
name is Kai, which is Hawaiian for "sea," and Liam's middle name--"Dylan"--means
the same thing.

I know for a fact that if we were not living near the ocean at the time, Addie's middle
 name would likely not have been the same.

The two older babies have been to our old dwelling-place, but Liam has yet to go
there. We have tons of precious photographs of Addie and Jake at the beach, so I thought
I'd include some here. After all, have you ever seen a real mer-baby up close?


Coming soon: pics of Jakey at the beach...

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