Thursday, May 27, 2010

☞a sea-tale☜

Once, not so very long ago, we lived on the edge of the sea.

Our abode was simple--small, some would say--but it was large enough to contain
our dreams.

There, among the fresh air, sand, salt, and sun, our dreams took flight.

I was away from my large & loving family for the first time ever,
and it was hard.

I missed them.

But soon, it became like home.

We had the magic of the mountains and the ocean in one place...

at our fingertips.

We awaited our first baby, whose middle name we would choose
because it means "woman by the sea."               


Life was simple.
Life was good.

Nature was all around us as we'd never
experienced it,

dazzling us.

But like many things, it had to end.

Now I often think of that place--
the ocean, and our small house by the sea.

Even if we're not there, it is still a part of us,
continuing to enchant.

And to foster our dreams.




Braley Mama said...

Beautiful!!! I want to live there too:O) Thanks for sharing this special time in ur life!!!!!

Maricela said...

Thank you, Summur! It really is beautiful
there...we'd like to move back someday.
So this is my way of keeping connected
to it until we do :)

Anonymous said...

You know you always have a place by the sea here Maricela....I can't wait to show the kids the tidepools during a very low tide! Come back soon and know that I love you too! Nonni