Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Momfession: Beach Day

Ok, this is my confession to you....because I am definitely not
(and probably never will be) "the mommy who has it all together."
Although I do try and torture myself occasionally by trying! :)

Our two-week vacation spent by the most gorgeous stretches of ocean
I've yet seen? Near the beach? The glowing sand and surf? Well,  um...

we only made it to the beach one day.

How is this possible?!?! I'm not quite sure. While there were one or two
"mini-visits" to the beach near Nonni's house, there was really only one official,
stay-for-hours, pack-a-lunch-and-every-child-related-item-we-own-
so-as-to-avoid-catastrophe beach day. Truth be told, there are so many wonderful
ways to spend our time there, with all the beautiful scenery begging to be driven by,
the bay front with all the cute little shops,  and so on. Luckily, thanks to my hubby, we
got some pretty cool pics of our day there, and it's one I will always remember
for all the fun we had.

Here are some of my favorites :)


Braley Mama said...

i love your pics! did you draw those too??? u are the perfect mama, I think:O) HUGS!!!!

Cameron said...

Beautiful pics! ....and I was wondering about those illustrations, too :)

Maricela said...

Thank you both! :D

Nate is the talented picture-taker in the family, I just edit and play around with them on Picasa, although I love to take pics too. The drawings are actually from a wonderful book called "Wave" by Suzy Lee. It has no words, just the beautiful pictures detailing a little girl's encounter with the sea. It is one of Addie's favorites :)

I was wondering if I'd ever have time to blog again! All I can say is...boy is Liam growing up fast! ;)