Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shoe Syndrome

I believe most mothers of two or more children (or even just one "extra-spirited" one, like Addie!)
have felt what I feel right now...yes, it's

The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe Syndrome!!!

Okay, well, I don't whip them all soundly, or at all. (And not giving them bread? That's 
the only thing that Jakey will eat these days!) But, sometimes it DOES feel like instead 
of having three children, I have ten! 

Time! Where does the time go? And when do I get to take a break, a breather, and
just a teeny bit of time for to blog? ;)

Things have been SO BUSY lately. Jake and Addie are having a joint birthday party
 this weekend, so my sister and I have excitedly been planning that. I can't wait to show
 you what we've come up with, using a particular classic movie as the theme...can anyone
 guess what it is? I'll be sharing about it soon! 

The weekend after that, we will be having Liam's baptism. Perhaps it will be a little 
calmer, considering it will involve only one baby instead of two? You may recall this
baptism pic from a recent post :)

Those two! :)

We are also planning a trip to Disneyland. We'd like to go around mid-October, near 
Addie's actual birthday. The kids have never been there, and Addie is very excited! 
I'm planning a yard sale, because you know how expensive it can be (another "to-do!"
Oh yeah, maybe I'm also having it because my kids have too much stuff!) Nate's been
there only once, when he was really young, so it'll be lots of fun to share that with him--
if he gets to go!

That's the last "to-do"on our list lately, and I have to share it with you because
I am so proud of him. Nate may not be able to go to Disneyland because he is ready to
launch his new business, Mr. Brightside Window Cleaning

Like a lot of people, school got put on the back burner for both of us once the babies
came along. For Nate, that meant going back to the sort of work he'd done for many
years before we met, which was driving a truck. I have to say, I don't know how mamas out 
there do it when their hubby is a truck driver! I was lucky enough that he stayed relatively
close by on his route, but nonetheless he was gone 12+ hours a day when all went well.
He had to drive 600 miles a day round trip! I felt so bad for him. It was a difficult in a
lot of ways.

So, now we are in the fledgling stage, ready to fly out of the nest. Nate has put a lot of 
effort into this company. He's researched, planned, and otherwise worked on every detail
imaginable. He built and designed his website virtually by himself. To see all the care and
thought he has put into it amazes me. Now the materials he needs to advertise are 
here, and we are putting all our faith and hope into it being a success. Not overnight,
but slowly... we are are willing and happy to work hard. YOU have shoe syndrome?

Are you feeling...

*like your darling angels have multiplied...times five?
*a might bit "weak in the knees?"
*achy, tired, or just "junky?"
*faint of heart?
*prone to eating large amounts of sugar
in "self-sympathy?"
*keen for a quiet room?

Remember, the symptoms start when you are young...

...but peak with the onset of children.

There is no known cure, but large doses of rest do temporarily relieve the symptoms.

If nothing else works, consider perhaps a change of shoe--

or location.

Here's hoping YOU at least have a relaxing day! :)


Hulst mommy said...

LOL Oh do I ever feel like the woman in the shoe, and I only have TWO kids!!! :)

Charlotte's Web birthday party maybe? We just watched it today and I was thinking how cute it would be to make my daughter Fern and my son Wilbur for Halloween! :) Can't wait to see the party pictures.

Braley Mama said...

Great website and praying for the business to flourish!!!!! You are such an awesome blogger, I always enjoy reading u! Hope you can regain some of your space :O)