Sunday, November 6, 2011

*Newest finds, and my vintage find of the YEAR!*

Hi friends! I have some thrifting goodies
to share with you, as usual...and I will also be sharing
my favorite thrift find of the year!
The lovely Sophie of Her Library Adventures is having a favorite thrift find
of the year linky party and contest.
To be honest, I'm not sure what my favorite find has been this year!
We shall see...

For now, here are some of my recent finds...beginning with Christmas items:

This vintage felt Santa is adorable.
He's so cheerful looking, isn't he?

This Santa, on the other hand, looks vaguely frightened.
It's the sweetest toy, and jingles merrily.

My grandma used to have a wind-up Santa on a bike
very similar to this one, when I was little.

This McCall's magazine was filled with the cutest crafts and illustrations.

This page of little toys is my favorite!

A darling banner.

Some shimmery vintage strawberry ornaments.

A kitschy little nativity. 

The art and graphic design on this book is cool!

Now on to some non-Christmasy things...

A lovely table runner.

Some hand-painted cups.

Very nifty owl candle holder.

Can you believe this little oilcloth cat? Precious.

I loved the cover on this book.

My favorite finds from this week were these vintage shoes.

The color of these heels is beautiful.

Now, for my favorite find of the year...

Initially, I was going to pick this:

Because I really love vintage children's items--
be it clothing, blankets, toys, etc!

I think I'll have to go with the box of old matches that I 
found here in Oregon, though.

I've never been particularly drawn to vintage matchbooks,
but once I looked through the box a little and saw
the amazing graphics and history on them, I had to buy them.

Here are some with soda brands on them...

pin-up type girls...

kitschy and colorful

The names back then, huh? T-Bone Cafe, 
the Toot & Tell Drive in, Bunny's Waffle Shop.

There are all similar in color...

look at those graphics!

I actually didn't know why anyone had kept these so long.
When I asked said as much to my husband, he told me
 some people back then collected them as souvenirs.
I'd had no idea! 

They are just so interesting.

This one was rather surprising.

They are so classically vintage, I would've thought they were reproductions.

Guess how much they cost?

Yep. $2.00 for the whole box.


I hope you enjoyed stopping by! 

For more fun finds, stop by:


Jem said...

I'd have to agree - those matchbooks are an amazing find!! So full of all the things we love most about vintage design :-) All your finds in this post are gorgeous though, particularly loving the wall banner and the McCall's magazine!

Jem xXx

Cinderella said...

I love some of the Christmas things, they make me sentimental because it's m,y favorite holiday in terms of decorating.

I just hate Christmas advertising in the stores. Such relentless pressure for almost 2 months!

Happy Sunday to you:)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

oops... he or she who collects vintage matchbox thingies would revel at your find!!! such a graphic inspiration too! n♥

Jennie said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!
Those matchboxes are amazing!!
Someone has spent alot of time collecting those - excellent find!!

Zara said...

You must have had a hard choice picking your find of the year.
Love the oilcloth cat, how sweet. x

Jill said...

I used to collect matchbooks - sure wish I still had them.....

Jenifir said...

All amazing finds especially for Christmas. I just picked up a vintage (1964) Christmas craft book.
Those matchbooks are amazing; vintage graphics that tell a story. When I was a kid my Dad would bring hotel soap back from business trips (I guess you would not give a kid matchbooks) and I wish I still had a record of all the kitschy hotels he stayed at.

Sergeant Fox said...

Great finds! Love the pheasant mugs :)