Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope you had a great time trick-or-treating!
We got home fairly early, which was nice.
This is probably the calmest Halloween Nate and I will have
in a long time--since the boys are gone.
And it's the first where I haven't either been pregnant
or had a pretty young baby with us.
Whoulda thought that day would ever come? ;)
But seriously! Look:
2007--Addie had just been born (she was born the 15th)
2008--Jake had just been born, he was 2 months old
2009--I was 7 months pregnant with Liam
2010--Liam was 9 months old 

Growing up--sniff! :)

Here are some pictures from this Halloween:

This was actually a week ago...helping Daddy with the pumpkin carving.

I think he did a great job!
(Nate I mean. Not Liam "carving" with his teeth.)

All proper, with the lights off:

The kids goofing off.

The boys got more pumpkin action in once down in California:

With my mom.

Bat boys!

Here they are in there costumes...
a race car driver and a fireman.

Believe me, these boys are being spoiled
beyond rotten down in California.

This is Addie in her wearing her witch sweater
for school this morning.

These next few pics are from Saturday.
We went to the "Creatures of the Day" even at the Oregon Coast aquarium. 
They had it all decked out for Halloween, it was really fun!
They had games for the kids to play, face painting, etc.
They also had a Creatures of the Night event for older kids,
where things got much scarier with ax-murderers and the like.
They were even going to have scuba divers in costumes for that.
Cool huh?! :) An aquarium haunted house!

The jellyfish always fascinate me.

I thought it was cute they even had Jack o' Lanterns in the tanks.

After that, we walked around a bit.
Of course we had to nab another cut-out board picture for our collection.

We also walked out on a very long pier
that we'd always wanted to go on, near the bridge to Newport.
That was fun.

These pictures of Addie are from today.
Er--yesterday, technically :)

I made this blingy badge for her,
just in case someone didn't know what she was.
Plus, who wouldn't want a cool private eye badge like that? ;-p

Before heading to an event in Newport,
we stopped by to trick-or-treat with Uncle Jason...

he gave Addie all the candy.
He's so funny.

Stopped by Noni and Poppi's house, too, of course.

We decided to go to "Decoween" for Addie
to trick-or-treat. 
It was held in Newport's Deco District, which the vintage-lover
 in me found totally cool, of course.

The businesses in that area were handing out candy
for all the kiddos.

The first place we went in was SO cute.
They had a Sesame Street theme,
and we went into a funhouse-type of thing
that ended with us in a room where an episode of Sesame Street 
was playing...

...once there, the kids got candy and a Sesame Street book.
She was in heaven.

Of course, some people she found a little less approachable.
She actually surprised us a little, with how shy she was being.

But she had a great time.

We were a little surprised to see that one of the businesses
handing out candy was a bar.
We joked about how it was her first visit to one,
at the tender age of 4.

Hey, when it comes to candy,
you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Hope you had a fantastic night!


Jeannee said...

Adorable!!! Addie's is beyond adorable! May I say something...grandma to Mom? At least your kids didn't go out in horrible things - some of the masks, the whole zombie and fake blood deal - yuck! I actually enjoyed looking at your pic's & going along :)

Cinderella said...

You have such wonderful pictures of the kids - so cute in their various costumes! Oh my, I hope you are keeping a huge scrapbook for them!

I kept my lights off and only had 3 people ring the doorbell. It was quiet here.

Cameron said...

Great Pics, Marty!

I can't get enough of Addie's detective costume! What a great idea...and so cute!!!
The boys look like they sure had fun, too!

Love the Jack the Pumpkin King looking pumpkin...especially lit up!
I'm so glad you had a wonderful Halloween!