Monday, October 31, 2011

"Online Thrifting"

So this is what I do when I should be sleeping
(or at the very least, listing items in my shop):
I troll and do some virtual pretend shopping.
Their prices are actually quite reasonable (well, their starting prices I mean,
as they are all auctions).

I love to look for all things vintage on there,
especially vintage paintings. 
Some pretty unique things come up on there
every so often, but I've never bought anything.

Here are some things on there right now
that caught my eye!

I love portraits of children. 
They are so sweet!
This little girl is just adorable.
Her smile and gleam in her eye
reminds me of Addie :)

 This little boy is a cutie, too.
And his hat reminds me of the vintage 
child's cowboy hat that I found recently.
I found more such vintage ones at
the thrift store recently, but I didn't buy them!
Willpower, I tell you.
Pure willpower.

This one is a bit strange, isn't it?
But at the same time, I like its quirkiness.
The locket she wears is so classic.

Love the vintage linen lots on there.

Strawberry Shortcake bedroom set.
I would seriously consider this theme if Addie
had her own room :)

A crocheted afghan that I like, for some reason.

And THIS! I just love this patchwork blanket!
I think this one warrants a bid.

Those are just some of the things I'm liking on there right now!


Cinderella said...

What pretty linens to virual shop for Marty:)

Happy Monday to you!

Cinderella said...

virtual shop, sigh... I DO know how to spell, honest!

And happy Halloween!