Sunday, October 9, 2011

♥Thrift Store Finds♥

Hello! I'm excited to share this week's thrifting finds...
here they are:

I got all this from two thrift stores and one estate sale.
At one of the thrift stores, I bought (among other things)
four straw hats.
I felt a little embarassed, ha ha!
Like the clerk would think I was the crazy hat lady or something. 
But oh well! 

The first one I found to be very cute because it had
"Ponderosa Ranch" stitched on it. 
It looked old and so charming in a way!
Looking into it, it seems to be from the 50's.

I found this child's sheriff dress-up hat 
to be just as cute!
It has a string so it can be tied on.

This is my new beach hat.
I never wore hats in California,
but there is something about the beach that demands one.
I found one for Addie too, so we can glue pretty things on it
and call it her "Fancy Nancy" hat.

This lunchbox was a great find, I think it is so adorable.
I can see why people would want to collect them.

Vintage cardboard birthday plates.
With a bit of the original package.
Bright and cheerful.

I love this vintage baby book for the illustrations.
I found an amazing one a while back that was similar,
except for a girl.

I've been finding a lot of "tinnage" lately :)

A vintage English candy tin--

love the bright colors!

...and even the scuffed bottom.

This small tin tray was way cool.

And a chocolate "Pollywogs" candy tin.
What a funny name for candy, huh? :)

This large serving plate by Mikasa caught my eye immediately.
Love the pattern.

A  Fondue dish towel.

This I found to be really somewhat strange and quirky.
A craft kit containing a Madonna head and plastic arms,
with instructions.

At the estate sale, we found a few of each kind
of these mason jars.
I love them.

Also there, these large old drawings.

The one of the woman seemed especially intriguing.

I like the detail used in drawing her clothing,
it's really beautiful.

An old owl pendant, with "Sue" engraved on it.
Even though my name isn't Sue...I still dig it ;)
I think I'll put it on a chain with some other baubles 
to sell in my shop.

While we're on the subject of owls, here are two more I bought.
Not named Sue, but still gold and still lovely.

They are ceramic, about 10 inches tall.
What a lovely pair, don't you agree?

That's it for me.
Hope you had fun thrifting this week!

For a look at more fun finds, stop by Her Library Adventures!


Cameron said...

There is going to be an owl loving Sue somewhere who's not going to believe her luck!

Great amazing you found ababy boy book this time! I noticed you sold the girl one....fingers crossed for this, too!
Lotsa cool stuff, Marty!

Marty said...

Thanks Cameron! I can always find something, maybe that's not such a good thing, lol...

The owl pendant is my fave for some reason. I suppose I'm kind of weird...I'd wear the pendant even though my name isn't Sue! :)

Helen and her Daughters said...

Wow, you found a lot of great stuff, I love those vintage birthday plates and the lunch box is so sweet.

beckyp said...

love your owls

Jackie K. said...

what a haul! That Quality Street tin brings back memories - I know we had that tin of chocolates for Christmas one year!!

Chelsea said...

Found you on Apron Thrift Girls link party, you have found some great stuff!

Rachel said...

oh what sweet little owls! good find!