Saturday, October 22, 2011

➘Newest Treasures↩

Hi fellow vintage lovers!
I've been busy working on my etsy shop, now that my boys are visiting
grandma and grandpa for a few weeks.
Sigh! I miss them!
At the same time, it's nice to be able to list more than one thing a week.
I found some new things this past week, and
I'm beginning to photograph things I already had.
Here's a few of both.

These small figurines are a past buy,
waiting for their chance in the limelight.
Hopefully I can get them listed tonight :)

Some vintage mailing labels.
Even the ink looks cool and "vintage," you know?

With Halloween in the air,
I couldn't resist this cute book from the 60's.

It includes magic tricks kids can do,
like "Electric Cat."
That made me smile.

I found this original art in a thrift shop.
I love the bright yellow sunniness of it.
I LOVE yellow kitchens, too.

The recipe on it is for a dessert featuring
Camembert, dry white wine, "very fine" toast crumbs, and sweet butter. 
"Serve with red wine and French bread..." 

Oh la-la ;)

Continuing the cheerful yellow theme are these
Japanese stoneware mugs.

I've been finding some really fun
kid's things, like these fabrics--

...and these 60's/70's patterns.

I loved this shamrock pin as soon as I saw it!

Although I'm not too sure about why it was preserved.
Any ideas?

I love the scalloping on the side.

I love vintage bags, but I never find any--
or at least, none in good condition.
This one is from the 70's is in excellent shape and looks so 
modern to me. Super cute. 

Now, at all the thrift stores/flea markets/garage sales
I go to, I hardly ever look at clothing or such for myself.
I think this is partly because it takes too long to look through the
clothing racks (I take forever), and partly because I want to avoid the 
whole lack-of-style thing I got going on right now, lol! 
But, due much to the fact that I've been reading some 
great thrift-style blogs lately (Harper's Happenings, Iris Inspired),
I wanted to see what I could find if I actually tried.

The first thing I found is this Jessica Simpson bag,
which looked like it hadn't been used.
I love the style, and the two roomy pockets in front.
This was $3.99.

These Kenneth Cole heels are so kittenish and cute!
I love the color...

The little heels...comfy!...

And the cutouts on the front.

Most of these items are on their way to my shop.
If you have an etsy shop, feel free to leave a link to it in the comments!
I'd love to stop by and take a look!

For more thrifty finds, stop by


Helen and her Daughters said...

The spooky tricks book is so cute. I have a weakness for vintage patterns and love the ones you picked up. They are so sweet.

DELiciousDesignz said...

loving those red shoes! And the spooky tricks book seems to look familiar - I think I had that book years ago - cute. Will have to check out your etsy store. I stumbled here via Sophies Library Adventures. Glad I did.

Cameron said...

Why are they away so long? Is it just you and Addie?

Wish I was there...we could have girl's night pajama, me, Maggie and Addie :D

More great finds, Marty!
I love those happy sunny mugs!

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

I really like the shamrock pin. And the red shoes are cute!

But I think the Spooky Tricks book is great and perfect for the season!

BeckyKay said...

I love the vintage mailing labels! And oh my goodness! Those shoes are divine!!

Carrie @ lovely etc. said...

These are some great finds! And I really love your use of vintage books in your photos.