Monday, October 17, 2011

✸Newest treasure✸

Before I get to my treasures, I want to share a pic of my REAL treasure  :)
Addie. She turned 4 on Saturday.
 All day she kept saying, "I love my birthday!"
It was so cute.
Too bad all that excitement made for few pictures in which she held still.
This is the best one I got, lol.

I made the cake batter pancakes I'd spied online
recently and the kids really liked them.
This was a really fun treat.
I give it two thumbs up as a birthday breakfast :)

Now to get to the vintage...

There was definitely a red dress vibe calling out to me,
I guess. I found three red vintage dresses--

This Christmasy plaid one...

(I like how it buttons)

This 60's or 70's one...

And this polka-dotted one.
I am going to put them all in the shop.

This bag I found to be very sweet.
I loved the pattern with the sunflowers
and other flowers on it.

I also bought this jar full of vintage fabric strips.
I love time-capsule finds like that.

Some of the fabrics seen below. 
I've slowly become more and more enchanted with vintage fabrics!

It's chock-full! :)

The last thing I'll share is an old painting I bought.
Well, who knows how old it really is, but it has
that aged patina on it that I love.

It's of a swan floating on a lake.
Autumn, it appears to be.

It's pretty worn, as you can see.

It's got tears and missing paint,
but I love it.

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Gina said...

Love the painting too! Gorgeous just as it is!

Anonymous said...

That's a very sweet looking happy birthday girl - and some yummy looking pancakes too!

Cameron said...

Now that's a breakfast fit for a Birthday Princess! How special, Marty!!
...and more incredible finds!

Helen and her Daughters said...

The dresses are gorgeous! I really love the plaid one.

Megan said...

I want the cake :)

kirst said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog. i love love love your vintage dress finds (and am slightly jealous haha!) happy thrifting! xo

Braley Mama said...

Happy Birthday sweet Addie! She is getting so big! Love the dresses! You have such an eye!

Vintage Cherry said...

Love the dresses (I LOVE red), and Addies dress is so cute too - Happy Birthday! and the vintage fabric pieces are lovely - maybe a quilt?