Sunday, September 16, 2012


We are taking another trip to California in a few days--
this time, to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday,
as well as squeeze in some Disneyland time for the kids.

As much as we are all looking forward to that,
it will also be the nicest time weather-wise
here in Yachats, when we are gone.

The California girl in me is a little bummed
by the lack of summer, I'll admit--
summer heat--but we still have tons of fun by the ocean,
even if it's really too cold to be in it per se.

Well, correction. Not the kids.
I think it could be literally ice-cold and they'd still get in.

But first, before we even get to the water,
there is rock climbing...

(this kid is part mountain goat.)

Walking the balance beam...

...and a general running amok ;)

Then came the wading in.
(I don't know how they did it! Freezing I tell you!)

They were all quite delighted with the surf.

Liam was especially dazzled by it.

Addie made a drawing of me--
is there anything better than a portrait done of yourself
which includes a huge smile?! Lol.

It hasn't been exactly warm enough to go swimming
for my taste, but it's still pretty darn gorgeous here.

I'll take that.


Cameron said...

It's been sweltering here! I wish we could trade places for a week or two!
But wait, if we did that, I'd never get to see you!
There are a few Thrift Stores in Anaheim....just saying!
Let me know :)

Yes, Maggie will swimm in freezing temps, too! What is it about kids? Haha!

Nava said...

Seems so fun! I love being on the beaches :D