Monday, December 17, 2012

Thrift Finds: Ho-Ho-Ho Edition

Hi everyone!
I hope the holiday season is finding you well!
I'm one of those (semi-annoying?) people who love to put
the Christmas tree up practically before 
the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers can even be put away. 
And who puts the Christmas radio station on the computer
while I proceed to bake lots and lots
and lots
 of cookies :)

These are some of my favorite vintage Christmas finds as of late!

Since I mentioned cookies (mmm...cookies),
I'll start with this vintage Christmas baking book.
Although I of course love a good Christmas treat recipe,
I was also charmed by the cute cover.

This is the first recipe I would try out.
In fact, I may have to soon.

There's a Christmas thrift store in our area that opens up every year.
It is purely Christmas stuff--they always have some really cool vintage Christmas.
This year it wasn't nearly as big or awesome as last year, 
but I did come away with some things,
and these two ornaments were among them.

 Oh, the excitement I felt when I found this sweet girl!

...and the letdown I felt when my kids broke her pretty little head ;(
Perhaps they thought Humpty Dumpty needed a girlfriend?
This is after I already glued most of it together.
I couldn't quite get that last piece...
so I'm thinking it's time she got a little hair accessory. 

If I could have a tree with only one ornament, 
these snow-topped Shiny Brites would be it.

 This is a really cute Santa puppet.
I love the little jingle bells he holds...
this would be a good way to get a baby to look 
at the camera for Christmas pictures. 
Too bad it won't work on my kids, lol.

I really, really love Santa mugs!
I scare my husband by telling him I will have shelves full some day.
My rule with buying them is I have to come across them myself,
or else that actually might come true.
I think it's funny how their facial expressions are so different--
going from super-jolly to indifferent, and everything in between.

"The Night Before Christmas", a must have,
this one illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa.
Her art is so adorable!
I have a few of her books, and they're all so darling.

This little guy stole my heart immediately.
He was in the the teeny Christmas section of a thrift store,
where it was fill-a-bag for $2.
There were some women looking in that area, 
but I guess they didn't see this fine example ;) it the slightly cross-eyed look that got me,
or that little ear that lies askew?
I dunno, but he's a keeper.

Question: what exactly is this little creature 
that sits atop this cute vintage pink wreath?
He has a top hat, which points me toward human...
but then there's that long tail thrown into the mix.

Whatever you are, dear little man,
that is your home now.

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Katie said...

Holy smokes -- what GREAT finds! The Night Before Christmas book, the snow-topped ornaments, and the Santa mugs were my favorite.

Sorry uour kiddos broke your pink angel. I'm sure they enhoyed her while she lasted ;)

Merry Christmas to you!!

Something to be Found

AllyJo said...

Oh the angel in feathers is so beautiful. Sorry about the cracked head. We're all a little like that anyway.

Anonymous said...

I really like Fujikawa's illustrations. I have several of his books. That pink wreath is great, and the Santa mugs, too. What a good load of scores, Marty!

Anonymous said...

I really like Fujikawa's illustrations. I have several of his books. That pink wreath is great, and the Santa mugs, too. What a good load of scores, Marty!

Sue said...

What fun finds! I LOVE your Santa mug collection!

Laura Tieri said...

Hi there! I just found you through your post at Rhinestone Armadillo. I am having a blast scrolling through your archives. I too love everything vintage, especially holiday items! My tree this year had only vintage mercury ornaments like Shiny Brite. With 2 dogs & a cat, I'm always holding my breath when they get near the tree! My house is quite eclectic since I shop at garage sales & thrift stores too. I buy whatever calls to me even if it's a little beat up or broken. That just means it has more character, like when we get wrinkles. :o)