Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thrift Finds: Multiplying Rabbits

One rabbit......


uh-oh. ;)

This was one of those items that I pretty much threw in my cart
immediately. An old and lovingly handmade blanket?! Rabbits?!
Yes, I'll take that, thank you.

Hmmm...did I ever mention that vintage children's items are my weakness?
I loved these kid's books not only for the stories themselves,
but the covers are darling!
They are illustrated by Maurice Sendak.
Love the colors.

How cute is this library check out card,
with the little-kid scrawl?

I found a few of these religious posters recently.
They are about 20 inches tall.
I'm guessing they were in a Sunday school once,
each portraying one of the ten commandments.
This one would be cute in a child's bedroom...
although it makes me wonder how some of those commandments
were portrayed while remaining "preschool friendly?" ;)

For awhile now, I've wanted to add some vintage cowboy finds
to my boys' bedroom--the brighter, the better.
These books were perfect.

I LOVE Danielle Thompson's vintage style,
and want to use her boy's awesome bedroom as a loose source of inspiration.
It's so playful and deliciously quirky.

This table was my very favorite find while in California last month!
I had looked all around the particular thrift store where I purchased it,
and was about to leave when one of the employees cleared some things off of it. 

And that's when I heard the trumpets sound.

I love the graphics, and the color!

I wasn't even certain it folded! Though I knew it probably had to.
I asked the employee, but she didn't know how to fold it or if it did.
And of course, I bought it anyway, event though 
I had to bring it back to Oregon--
and trust me, even if the legs didn't fold, 
I was gonna bring it back to Oregon.

Luckily it folded.

These vintage Schilling Fancy Decors bottles are fun.

And this old First Aid Kit was too neat to leave behind.

It dates to the 1930's, and everything is still sealed and complete.
I wonder how it made it through the years so long, and unopened/unused at that?

I found two of these wooden letters,
one of which I'm keeping because of a certain Miss.
The other I will list in my shop...
and hopefully said shop can be up and running soon :)

I just liked this tin for some reason,
even though the "P" was rusted over.
I guess it was the pen nib that sold me.

Lastly, to end on a pretty note, some rosy needlepoint. 

I liked the frame, and that the color of the rose
was more of an untraditional hot pink.

Thanks for taking a look!
What's the latest thing you've found?

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Liz said...

Fabulous finds, especially the books and little library card - cute!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Max said...

my goodness, you have some amazing finds there! i'd happily have taken it all home, but as we are all about the rabbits around here at the moment, the blanket would have to be my favourite.
i've just started a thrifty-linky if you'd care to join in, we'd love to have you x

Jeannee said...

LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing! There is a young adult tv series called "Pretty Little Liars" (based on a series of books), where the big question is - "Who is A?" Young women followers, who also have YouTube accounts or who blog, have shown where they have decorated there rooms with some freestanding letter A and where they've found such a wonderful thing :)

Vintage Coconut said...

Holy Heck! You scored some Wondrous things. I am totally jealous (ermmm coveting) your rabbit quilt. "Wait I am not supposed to covet" *heheh* Oh it's so precious. I have a couple cowboy Sam books too. (Am keeping them for "future" munchkins.) If I have a boy I would love to do a vintage cowboy themed room. (Although they will probably be more into dinosaurs or robots and my dream woun't come true.)*lol*
That table is awesome!
"The bottles full of old decorating sweets are whimsical"
Perfect to display in a vintage kitchen.
I have been looking for a old first aid kit for ages. (Yours is GREAT.)
The needle points are gorgeous.

SixBalloons said...

Sweet, love the kids sulking as they are being scolded. That table is too cute!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Great finds. Love the rusty Penns tin and the green First Aid Kit and that folding ABC 123 table and... well everything you found. Happy you posted at ATG.

Nascara said...

Stunning finds and *gasp* that table!!

Cameron said...

I have not done much thrifting *sigh* and seeing your fabby finds is giving me the itch :)

That first aid kit is pretty darn cool!

Wendy said...

Wonderful finds! (Your blog is beautiful!)

Sue said...

Oh my gosh, what great finds! I love the table too, and the sprinkles! I need to go thrift store shopping SOON!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE Father Bear and the tale about the mermaid! Those are the sweetest books. Have you ever seen the Little Bear videos? I think your kids would like them. They're so sweet and subtle.

Katie said...

Ohhhhh, I love those little bottles!