Sunday, March 25, 2012

The wind, the rain, the snow...

 As a semi-new transplant to Oregon, I have to say the weather is one of the bigger things
that has taken some getting used to.

Being a California girl (minus the blonde hair...and bikini body...ahem),
I'm pretty much used to sun, sun, and more sun.
With a side dish of sun.

So, it's not been an unwelcome adventure
 to witness the weather patterns here on the coast.

They can just be so bizarre.
Quite literally, from straight downpour of rain one day
to the most glimmeringly beautiful, sunshiney day the next.

And a lot of "in-between" days. 
Not sunny, not rainy, just a little gloomy.

Here's some pictures of a recent park visit one day that resembled the latter.

Liam, climbing like a monkey and playing with a ball.

Jakey, just before descending down the twisty slide.

Peek-a-boo, Addie...I see you!

My older little monkeys.

This is pretty much what Liam is best at right now.
Running like the dickens.

But then he offsets that naughtiness by giving me the biggest, happiest hugs :)
So I forgive him.

Out of the strange melange of weather mentioned above,
we got an actual day of snow.
Actual snow.

Apparently it hadn't snowed that much since the 1960's...
it was so cool!

Our "pet seagull" waiting for his crumbs.

The strange thing about it is that while it has occasionally 
flurried here once or twice, the snow never stuck.
It had been raining, then all of a sudden my husband is telling me 
to go look at the snow--it was that quick!

This happened in the evening, which is why I hadn't noticed.
It was amazingly peaceful.

Opening the window to peek out, we could hear the ocean waves 
in the background.
It was too cool for Addie to miss, so I went and woke her up
so she could see.
She loved it of course--getting taken out of bed to see a winter wonderland!
What a lovely memory to hold onto. I sure hope she remembers it someday.

It stayed through the next day, but by the following night it was gone.
It rather made it more special that way, though.
Like a surprise gift.

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Cameron said...

Well, Hello, Dear Miss Marty!!
I've wondered about how you and your darling family have been doing!!

The weather has been strange, even here....we got to see hail one day last lasted just minutes, but it was pretty neat.
What an amazing sight, though, that snow of yours! I'm sure the kids will remember it.....especially Addie :)

So glad to see a post from you! I hope all is well!

Many hugs,