Monday, March 18, 2013

Thrift finds: He has my heart.

I didn't have much to share last week, so I didn't post...
but I did find some "swell" things since then!
First I'll share two things that I didn't buy...

I thought this clock was pretty awesome.
I just liked it's vintage office/school room type of look.
Unfortunately, it had a huge crack near the bottom left.
Le sigh.

Then there was this old desk chair that I just loved.
I mean really loved.
Call me crazy but I thought it was pretty cute,
even with that green fabric.

Our house is so tiny though, 
it really can't even accommodate an extra chair, 
no matter how cool it is.
The chair was only $5, too.
Had the clock been ok, that would've been only $13 for both!
I think next time such an occasion arises,
I'll just have to find some room somewhere...


However, I did buy this
"important doo-doo" stamp.
So that's something.  ;)

A little vintage makeup bag.

Some very bright and cute plates.

This teeny little Pyrex dish.
A fun buy for only 1.99.

I just loved the kitschy goodness inside this booklet!

These are some of my favorites:

This Sweet 16 centerpiece...
although, can you imagine a 16-year-old using that now?
I don't think even a 12-year-old would want that.
How times change.

A cute Halloween cat...

...and my favorite for some reason,
the Bon Voyage centerpiece.

As is typical for me, some books.

This Junior Deluxe edition was only 49 cents.

This one I had to buy because I remembered it from childhood!
Did you ever read this book?

I read it to my kids and they seemed to like it.

I liked the design on this old book.

It's filled with the usual things that draw me in, 
like creepy pictures and other things.

Can Aging be retarded?
I'd argue that yes, it can be ;P

This was sad.
The difference between two twins due to nutrition.
I wonder why one twin wasn't as well taken care of?
Where they separated, or what were the circumstances?

This is one of the cutest baby pictures I've found in awhile!

That baby is so adorable,
as is the stuffed kitty.

These vintage overalls are so cute!
Love the loopy swirl pockets.

And my very favorite find of the week,
these 1970's Wizard of Oz craft kits.

I have the lion...

and scarecrow too.
But no Dorothy or Toto.
That's the only bummer.

The kits are unopened.
I'm debating wether to sell them,
or pay to have someone make them.
'Cause this girl can't sew.

I suppose you can guess who my favorite is.

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Heather@Tatter and Fray said...

You found so many fun things, but I'm dying over that green desk chair. I think I would have to have snapped it up -- even though I really have no room for another chair, either! ;)

chrissy said...

that stamp is my favorite piece! so great!

Cameron said...

Ah man, so much fun stuff! I think I might have to borrow that phrase for my next "to do" list....Important Doo-Doo....haha!

I'd sell the kits. With the popularity of Oz rising from the new movie, it would be good timing, methinks :)

Jill said...

Very interesting little Spring Blossom dish, is it a sugar bowl?

Marium said...

You found a lot of goodies! That travel centerpiece is the best one, I agree!

Katie said...

"To remove a foreign body from the eye, roll the upper eyelid over a blunt pencil or a matchstick!" Could you imagine that being a recommendation today!!

aimymichelle said...

that pyrex is so cute.

Eartha Kitsch said...

You found such great stuff! I love that book about the styrofoam decorations. And holy heck - what DID they do with that one twin? How did they pull off not taking care of one like the other? Someone needs to uncover the truth here.