Friday, October 1, 2010

A heart full of Autumn

Yay--October is here! Is anyone else starting to get really excited for Halloween?
I just love the onset of fall!

(Never mind that it was 97 degrees out today!)

Do you have costumes picked out yet, or an idea
of what they will be?

Jake will be a fireman this year. I have yet to buy
either of the other two's costumes, but perhaps it won't be as hard as I thought
(in regards to Addie): apparently, they DO actually make what she wants to be...

a "princess kitty!"

If you'll note, the costume has a little crown between those pink kitten ears.
She requested this little princess/cat combo on her own, before
seeing this pic...did I mention she goes around meowing about 80% of the time?!
I never would've known such a combo existed if it weren't for my crazy girl
and her two current obsessions! :)

For Liam, I was thinking this lamb costume would be soooo cute--

maybe it's a little frou-frou, but something about it
seems to suit his chubby cheeks and blue eyes! for me? We'll see!

I've loved all things Halloween-y since I was a kid. Even some of my favorite books
when I was a child were of a "spooky" sort:

The Dorrie the Witch series (by Patricia Coombs),
Little Witch by Anna Elizabeth Bennett,
and one called "Grandpa's Ghost Stories" which seems to be
out of print and now sells online for around $50!

Does anyone else remember these books?

October is special too because it's Addie's birthday--which we celebrated
early. I've been going through our older photos again and found myself 
doing the "Was that really Addie?!" game because she looked so tiny
and different. Here are a few of my faves of her from that not-so-long-ago time :)

(They look like doll feet! Hee hee!)

I'm ready for a change of leaves...but watching my children change?
Sometimes it's hard because I miss what they were. Growing so quickly every 

I continue to be amazed by all of it.


Cameron said...

Isn't that the truth! I have a love/hate approach to Maggie's birthday, as well....I love to plan it...make it special and fun for her....but hate how it means she is another year older...and closer to being all grown up :(

...But Halloween is a time that we all get to pretend we're young again! We LOVE Halloween around here and have already decorated....Mags likes to go around "woofing", so she decided to be a Puppy for Halloween (though, luckily for me, not a princess puppy...haha!) What is it about pretending to be animals? ;D

Those pics are so the one with your partial face next to hers :)
Take care!

Braley Mama said...

wow, beautiful pics as always-artist mama:O)
Love love love the last pic :O)U rock!

NonniKathryn said...

Great pics and blog Maricela! xoxo, k