Thursday, October 14, 2010

puppy love

As much as an animal-lover like me hates to admit it, in this great world of ours we all fall
into one camp or the other:

dogs or cats.
I find both kinds of animals to be soooo lovable and cute.
Seriously cute.

With a dog, even the ones that are kind of ugly are cute.
I don't think I could say the same thing about all cats.
Forget Halloween--my daughter would be a cat "for real life" if she could.
Like her love of hot dogs, she totally gets that one from her Daddy. Ahem.

These older photos are of her and our cat, Osho, after we'd first gotten him.

I guess I can understand, from her point of view--cats are smaller, softer,
and more willing to tolerate being placed in a kiddie-sized shopping cart by
their tiny owners :)

Here, Addie, here is a picture of some cats swimming--because I know you'd love it. 
Mommy, on the other hand, is more of dog person.
I think one of the reasons I like them a teeny bit better is because 
dogs are more on-the-go. Back in the pre-kid days when my dog Brawley was my "baby," 
I loved the way I could take him everywhere with me. He would get so excited to go on his 
trips. Can you see a stinky old cat doing that? NO. (Just kidding.)

Serisously, though, something about a dog's nature just makes me smile :)

I love the ways dogs just kind of assume your food is their food...

...their protective nature...

....and their humble spirits.
Then there are stories, like that of Greyfriar's Bobby, that just completely rip my
heart out. In a good way :)
(click HERE if you are not familiar with the story.)
Plus, I think there is a rule somewhere that every stylish, smart lady
is in need of a dog. 

After seeing those pictures, mustn't you agree? ;)

How about you--are you a cat person or a dog person? How come?

p.s. Can anyone tell I filled this post with lots of pics to show Addie?
Lol! :D

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