Monday, October 4, 2010

Now I have small children

I find it uncanny that the kids in this retro illustration bear a resemblance
to my three in regards to their age differences, and the fact that I also have two boys
and a girl. They even kind of look like them. Just a little bit...

Someone trying to tell me something?

Actually, I've made it to the end of our event extravaganza in one piece--one very tired,
slightly crumbling piece. But nonetheless! We've had so much fun. Liam's baptism was
today, and it was beautiful. He didn't cry when he was cleansed with the water, or at
any point in the ceremony, actually; he was a very well-behaved little lad. At one point
he did throw up on me while we were sitting down (and I'd forgotten to pack the wipes! Hello!),
and since we were late, everyone in the church actually clapped when we came in! :) But all-in-all,
we were generally drama-free ;)

We'll pause here so that Liam can briefly pull out his "innocent" face.

(Don't believe it for one second.)

Here are some pics, and a little video from today. The first three pics are just a few
of several taken by my lovely (talented) aunt Leticia. Thank you, they all turned out so sweet!

A very happy, busy, occasion :)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as we did! 

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Braley Mama said...

He looks so cute!!! And you look beautiful with that flower in your hair:O)
I am comforted that another mother forgets things just like me, I always forget something:O)