Tuesday, October 19, 2010

camera days

    Hi! I've had such fun taking and editing pictures lately. The above is an old bottle I found for a dollar at an antique store. It had the neatest old label on it, and the glass has a cool tarnished/crackly look to it in spots. 

Although I loved that label, I new it had a shabby chic-ier life to it. I decided that it would look neater to remove the label and add a pretty lace detailing to it. For now I just use it a tchotchke on my dresser, but when I have the perfect single flower to put in it, I will.

I tried to give the photograph that same slightly tarnished feel as the bottle--can you tell? :)

Because I so enjoy taking photographs, I decided to start another blog that will focus on that a little more, in a unique sort of format. I figured I have one blog no one reads, why not have two? ;) It will be fun to work on it. Please take a look at it, if you are so inclined--it's called "my life in ten," and you can find it at mylifeinten.blogspot.com. Or simply click {here}.

A happy day to you!

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Braley Mama said...

Great pics!!!! I am excited about your new blog beacuase I love love love your pics :O) HUGS!