Tuesday, September 27, 2011

✈ airport trip ✈

Things are getting more official around here.
We went to the bayfront for the first time
 since moving here 2 months ago, which seems as essential as having
 gone to the beach. I love all the little shops down there, although 
we didn't go look in them with the kids. 
This was purely a sea lion trip :) 
Which I can always appreciate.

The bayfront is up in Newport, about 45 minutes from here. 
Every time Addie hears us say we are going there, she asks,
 "Why are we going to the airport?"
 Not quite, honey.

On the way to Newport, we pass this shop.
Isn't it cool? It just beckons one to go inside,
although I have yet to do so.
It's called "Just Looking," see? :)

We parked close enough that we could hear
the sea lions before we saw them, as soon as we got out of the car.
Once this rock came into view, I kept pointing it out and asking Addie
if she could see them. "Where, where?" she would say.
I guess they do blend in rather well!

As soon as we got to the right spot,
Addie dashed ahead. 

Why are sleeping sea lions so fascinating to watch?
I don't know, but they are.
It was really funny actually to watch that big pile
of sea lions in the cage visible in the background.
They reminded me of kittens, the way they 
were draped all over one another. 
And when one would move, a particular grouchy sea lion
 would get mad and bellow loudly :)

Here are my boys.

After that, we walked down a bit to 
go see all the boats a bit better.
It's so pretty.

As horrible as it sounds, Addie is the only one
we trust to walk on her own at certain places.

As usual, against Dad's better judgment,
I caved and let Jakey get out of the stroller and walk.
A few minutes later and he was off,
running down the boardwalk and looking back 
with the most evil toddler grin as we yelled for him to come back.

I wish I could say the placement of Jakey 
right next to the "Live crab" sign was purely accidental,
but it was not.

Therefore, more of Addie this time.

With mama.

And of course, every girl needs a pic with her dad, too.

What moment have you enjoyed lately?

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Cameron said...

You guys got so close to those sea lions! How exciting for the kids!

....and I love the Live Crab pic and the one of Nate as a mermaid...haha!