Tuesday, September 13, 2011

☁Recent Thrift finds☁

We're back from California! It was nice to see my family, and enjoy their company as we celebrated the kids' birthdays. I'll post pictures soon.

Of course, I had to hit the flea market while in California. I found a few things while there, but this darling squeaky toy is what sticks out the most:

It is larger than any of those such toys that I've seen, made by companies like Sun Rubber or Arrow.
I admit that this little cub borders on the creepy end, with "sleepy eyes" that open and close.
And it's definitely kitschy.
But how could I not love a face like that?

However, I was also taken with this cookie jar,
also found in California.

I have one already that says "sugar" on it, so I felt especially compelled to buy it :)
Today I made peanut-butter-oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies
from this great recipe I found, and they turned out great.
I substituted Splenda for half of the sugar and couldn't tell the difference!
I don't think the kids could, either.
Since my husband hates peanut butter in anything but a sandwich or a reeses's cup (weirdo),
and since the best approach with the kids is "out of sight out of mind,"
this jar is currently residing on my nightstand...

And how can a girl say no to some cute shoes?
While not vintage, of course, I loved these Mudd sandals
for the fun print on them.

Once back, I found this Better Homes and Gardens Decorating book
from 1956. It was in such good shape I thought it a reproduction at first.

Love all the cute retro illustrations.

So fun to take a glimpse back into those times.

More of those lidded jars I find so cute...I think they're called bell jars?

I'm getting a pretty good collection of them. 
It seems lately that I can pretty much count on finding one for $1 or so.
I joked to my hubby that one day he's going to open a door to one of the rooms at home,
it'll give way with a long creak...and he'll see nothing but these jars on ever surface ;P
The the scary music will start playing.

This little wooden knick-knack was too odd and cute to pass up.
I have absolutely no idea what it is.
A penguin?
I just know I liked it.
And sometimes...that's good enough :D

Finally, my favorite find from today's thrifting...
a vintage embroidered tablecloth.
(Sorry, the pics aren't too great.)

It is the prettiest pinky-peach color.

The trim on it is so lovely.

Something about it is so Parisian to me, I don't know why!

I'm hoping you've enjoyed some good finds this week!

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Braley Mama said...

beautiful! You have such a good eye sister!

Anonymous said...

The cookie jar and the bell jars were my favorites - you get such pretty things at the flea market - you have a good eye!

Cameron said...

Oooooo, if you hop over to my Blog, you'd see what I'd do with some of those jars...heehee! Let me know If you'd like some labels....I'll send some to you!

That little tiger is so cute! I kinda like the creepiness :)
You are a master thriftress, for sure!