Tuesday, September 27, 2011

✰Christmas is coming early this year✰

November 5th, to be exact...

Sadly, I am not kidding when I say that I asked my husband if my early Christmas present could be to go to Portland for a garage sale. But no, not any garage sale! Don't get me wrong, I probably would drag him 2+ hours away for just one garage sale :D But this is "Portland's Largest Garage Sale," held at the Expo Center. I went to the sale homepage  to check it out, where they have a video about it...and drooled.

Old stuff, new stuff, used stuff, masses and masses of it,
all under one roof...really?

It will also be our first trip to Portland EVER. How exciting! I've heard so much about what an amazing city it is. It'll be so cool to finally be able to take a look around!

(note to self: google delicious sounding, well-reviewed places to eat. asap.)

(p.s., google thrift shops, too. so we'll have already spent hours at the world's, I mean Portland's, largest flea market...so?)

 (p.p.s. make sure hubby is in a good mood November 4th/5th. make that the best mood ever.)

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Cameron said...

Drool is right!! Wow!!

You'll love Portland! Though there is a very large presence of homeless individuals especially in the downtown area, it is still a fun place to visit...
Very funky, artsy...great shops. There is a monthly (might be weekly now that I'm thinking about it) craft show that we hit there every Summer!

Have a fantastic time! Can't wait to see what your keen eye finds there!